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The Wild Coffee Guide

Have you ever wondered how coffee was made? Perhaps you're curious about where it comes from and how it's grown from seedling to final bean? The Wild Foods Guide to Coffee is a mini crash course on all things coffee. From growing to drinking, it has it all.


The Wild Foods
Guide To Coffee

Ahh, the humble coffee bean. Never has there been a more loved, labored, controversial and historical ingredient.

Growing up, I didn’t like coffee. It didn’t interest me, and I didn’t understand why so many people enjoyed the bitter black water.


But then I started drinking coffee. Why not? Everyone was doing, and so I jumped on the bandwagon.

If only I knew where it would take me..

And then I drank some more coffee. And some more. Finally, I fell in love. This love turned to obsession, and I dove into everything coffee; how it's made, where it came from and what makes good coffee good and bad coffee bad. I purchased expensive brew equipment that I didn’t know how to use. I went on the hunt for the highest quality beans I could find. And so on it went.

Then butter coffee became popular. This was a year or so after my flame for the research side of coffee faded, replaced by other interests. Butter coffee reignited the romance, renewing my obsession.

This time, I didn't know just how far down the rabbit hole I would go.

As I look back, I trace my path in life to my love affair with the humble bean. And I'm excited to find out where else this little seed of a fruit will take me into the future.

The Wild Way

At Wild Foods, we are passionate about many food ingredients, not just coffee. Of course, coffee always seems to be smack dab in the middle.

Coffee is the base liquid for our Wild Butter Brew Recipe. It’s also the singular ingredient in our Wild Cold Brew pouches and our Local Austin Wild Cold Brew delivery service.

To say the least, coffee is a big deal to us.

And that's why I felt it was time to write an epic guide on coffee. 

As you read this guide, there's a fundamental truism that I hope you'll takeaway.

It's this: Bad coffee sucks, don’t drink it. And: Great coffee is Awesome and good for you, the environment and the millions of people around the world that rely on coffee for their livelihood.

Say "NO" to bad coffee. And a giddy, "yes please," to good coffee.

Part of our mission at Wild Foods is sharing our passion for the wonderful gifts of nature, like coffee, as well as the importance of quality in growing, processing and transporting ingredients. 

Coffee is a prime example of this mission.

Drinking great coffee can take you around the world. It connects people and ideas (one of it’s great contributions to human society).

Coffee makes you feel good and brings you back to the moment.

It’s a celebration of many things; ingredients, nature, science, flavor, biology.

And with the plethora of ways you can enjoy coffee, there’s a concoction for everyone. Enjoy it hot, cold, with cream, milk, sweetener or black, or our favorite, with butter. (These are still only a few of the many ways you can enjoy coffee.)

other coffee brewing methods

We are going to cover as many aspects of coffee in this guide, from bean to cup and everything in between. But before we get to all that, I want to reiterate our beliefs about coffee one more time: drink great coffee and shun the rest.

Respect the coffee bean--how it’s made, roasted and grown--and most important of all, make sure you take your time and enjoy your brew!

My last bit of advice on coffee is this: embrace the learning experience that is coffee. Even the worst cup of coffee has a story to tell. Learn from each cup and every bean.

Without further ado, enjoy the Wild Foods Guide to Coffee!

Start here: The History Of Coffee...

Colin Stuckert
Founder/CEO, Wild Foods