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Wild Foods specializes in small-batch Real Food ingredients of the highest quality.  Our products all adhere to a ridiculously high standard of quality.



A box full of delicious and fresh Wild prodcuts right to your doorstep every month automatically!

Build Your Own Wild Box!

Pick and Choose from the listed Wild Options below (button) to create your own monthly Wild Foods Box! 

*All subscription prices discounted
*We will email you a custom subscription quote
*Minimum $20 subscription

The Wild Minis Club
(Travel Size Minis)

Choose from 2x or 6x Wild Minis to your doorstep each month.

  • Get new Wild ingredients before anyone else
  • Try Wild products you haven't tried yet
  • Bonuses and special member-only coupons
  • Cancel anytime with a single email

Wild Oil Subscriptions

Ready-To-Go Wild Subscriptions



Everything you need to maintain your active, busy and healthy lifestyle!

Once a month, we'll send you the following AUTOMATICALLY:

  • 12 Ounce Wild Coffee Beans of your choice
  • 4 ounce Wild Cocoa Butter
  • 4 ounce Wild Chocolate Powder
  • 1x Random Wild Mini
  • 1x Random Wild Tea Mini

Save time, money and hassle... No Ordering, Checking Out, or Reaching For Your Wallet...

$45 a Month - Subscribe

cold brew auto delivery



4x Pouch - $20mo

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4 Pouch yields 96 ounces of fresh Cold Brew coffee

10x POUCH - $33.95mo

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10 Pouch yields 240 ounces of fresh Cold Brew coffee

fresh coffee delivery



12 Ounce Bag Choice Roast

$21 + Free Shipping

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The Wild Whey Club

Wild Whey to your doorstep every month automatically for $49. (Cancel anytime)

No checking out, no paying shipping, no waiting and you get preferred stock anytime we sell out!

Choose from our 1.3lb (30 servings) options:

  • Creamy Vanilla
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Natural Unflavored

Get a delicious monthly supply of Wild whey every month - no ordering or remembering required

The Wild Tea Club

5 ounces of Wild Tea right to your door every month AUTOMATICALLY for only $25 a month! (Cancel anytime)

No checking out or waiting for the mail when you run out.

Choose one, two or three of your favorite Wild Teas!