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The Wild Foods Guide To Tea

Have you ever wondered how tea was made? Did you know that tea is one of the "secrets" of those that live a long time? Learn all this and more in the Wild Foods Guide To Tea


The Wild Foods Guide To Tea

I've dabbled with tea on and off for years. It wasn't until recently that I started making it a solid daily habit... and I'm so glad I did.

The Wild Foods Guide To Tea has been on our "Do list" for some time now. As fate would have it, perhaps I needed to truly fall in love with tea before I could muster the courage to tackle the project.

Well I did and I did.

This guide will be constantly expanded, like all of our Wild guides. 

We are going to cover many aspects of tea in this guide, from growing tea to brewing it to herbal teas and everything in between. (And if you have any suggestions we should add, please let us know!

But before we get to the first part of the time, I want to reiterate our beliefs about tea (which are pretty much the same as our beliefs about every other ingredient).

It's this: drink great tea and shun the rest.

Take these recommendations into account as well:

  • Learn to savor and respect each tea; Think of yourself as a tea connoisseur, and try to decipher the flavors in each cup of tea, even the ones you don't like.
  • Learn the history of the respective tea you are drinking as well as how it was made and the exact origin of the world it was grown.
  • Embrace the learning experience of tea. Even the strongest, most bitter cup of tea has a story to tell.

Without further ado, enjoy the Wild Foods Guide to Tea!

Start here: The History Of Tea

Colin Stuckert
Founder/CEO, Wild Foods

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