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Wild Foods specializes in small-batch Real Food ingredients of the highest quality. Our products adhere to the Wild Foods standard of quality.


Wild Tea Club Monthly Subscription

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Wild Tea Club | Once a Month Tea Subscription

What you get: 5 ounces of up to three Wild Teas.

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Choose one, two or three of your favorite Wild Teas:

  • Wild Tea #1: Coconut Chai
  • Wild Tea #2: China Leaf Green
  • Wild Tea #3: Hibiscus Mint
  • Wild Tea #4: Yerba Mate
  • Wild Tea #5: Thai Twist (Organic Green Rooibos)
  • Wild Tea #6: Cerr Berr (Organic Hibiscus, Elderberry, Red Currant & Cranberry)
  • Wild Tea #7: Emerald Gold Sencha (Organic Green Sencha Tea)
  • Wild Tea #8: Green Jasmine (Organic Green Tea with Jasmine)
    Wild Tea #9: Twilight Black (Organic Black Tea)

Why It's Awesome:

  • Wild Tea can be steeped multiple times. Each steeping results in a different flavor and nutritional profile.
  • If you want to "decaffeinate" your Wild Tea, just steep the leaves in hot water for 4-5 minutes. Strain the leaves and discard the water. You have now reduced the amount of caffeine that your tea will produce with future steepings.
  • Wild Tea is delicious hot or iced
  • Wild Tea is full of antioxidants and other compounds that have been linked to a reduced risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. Basically, it's crazy healthy for you.

$25 a Month for 5oz of Wild Tea Delivered.

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