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    Love the products

    Love your products.

    LoveWhy plastic???

    I agree with Kathy P!! I am working to reduce my purchase and use of plastic and am really disappointed that your bottles are no longer glass. BPA free or not, I am choosing to not buy products in plastic, especially single use. Can you tell us why? Maybe it’s just temporary? I love this oil and miss having it. I am a subscriber and love the coffee and matcha and all your products. I wish the coffee was not in plastic bags; other companies at least use paper that may or may not be lined in plastic. I may have to look elsewhere. I get the matcha in the tins. :) Let us know when you get a chance!


    love the quality of this MCT oil. I have tried others but I could tell the difference just after a week of taking this one every morning.


    On a high note I love this oil. The recently the container was changed from glass to plastic. Why would you do that? Is the plastiq PBA free?

    Zoom Zoom

    The addition of the the Wild MCT oil into my morning routine has made quite the difference. I gave my morning routine an upgrade by substituting a nice butter coffee with the MCT oil in place of food and it has made all the difference not only in my morning but my entire day. I'll for sure be purchasing this product again, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with other WILD products as well!

    Great for Butter Coffee

    Flavorless and odorless, organic Wild MCT Oil is the perfect way to add some clean and pure fats to your morning coffee.

    Try this recipe: 8oz fresh brewed Wild Coffee, 1-2 TBSP pastured butter, 1 TBSP Wild MCT Oil. Blend until frothy. Enjoy!

    Take a Swig

    You can take a small shot of MCT anytime you need some clean, nutritious energy.

    (Note: If you are new to MCT, you are better having it with food or other ingredients due to the possible gastrointestinal effects.)

    Great for Cooking

    MCT oil is great for cooking on temperatures lower than 350°.

    You can also use it as a base to make delicious salad dressings and mayo.

    Natural Pesticide Free Coconuts Grown on Small Farms

    Your Wild MCT Oil purchase helps support small, organic farmers make a living while respecting the environment and producing quality coconuts.

    Wild Blend of C8 & C10

    Typical MCT Content Per Serving:
    Caprylic Acid (C8) - 7100mg
    Capric Acid (C10) - 5100mg

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    What is the difference between your glass bottle MCT and your plastic bottle MCT?
    Why is this MCT oil way more expensive than the other MCT oil brands at $20 for 16oz vs around $20 for 32oz for the other brands?
    What kind of shelf life can I expect with your Wild MCT Oil?
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