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Wild Foods specializes in small-batch Real Food ingredients of the highest quality.  Our products all adhere to a ridiculously high standard of quality.


Wild Foods - Superfood Ingredients

Wild Foods is a real food and supplement company based out of Austin, Texas specializing in real food nutrition. We sell premium, small batch ingredinets from small producers around the world, including organic, fair trade coffee, grass-fed whey protein, MCT oil, fair trade and organic cocoa, premium teas and much more!


Free Bottle of Wild Fish Oil or Wild Coal with every (yes every) $20+ order in December. Use code WILDDEC for 10% off your entire order + the bonus bottle.

*Limited to what we have in stock
*We will try to honor requests for specific bottles, but cannot guarantee them.
*We add the bonus bottle to your order so you do not have to add a unit to your cart!

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