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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Best Fish oil

    Our family likes the light texture and lemon taste. It goes down easy by the spoonful or in our morning smoothy! Great product! Thank you for this great omega 3 supplement!

    Great Taste

    I actually look forward to taking this fish oil. It has a delightful taste! It is light with just a hint of lemon. You can take a teaspoonful straight from the bottle or drizzle it on a salad. The best fish oil I've had!

    fish oil

    we are very happy with the taste

    Great fish oil for price

    Wild caught and quality fish sources. Great price for what you get. I used to use Carlson's but they switched their fish sources and added extra ingredients to it which I didn't like.


    The vanilla lemon is a super light flavor - no fishy taste at all! Will be buying again!

    Burp-Less, Non-Fishy Lemon Flavor

    One of the best-tasting fish oils on the market and one of the only in the world Certified by Friends of the Sea! Wild Fish Oil does not disrupt fragile aquatic ecosystems. Caught in U.S. Waters and processed in U.S. Fisheries. Support fishermen that respect the fish that give us their wonderful oil.

    Caught by Responsible U.S. Fishermen

    Caught off the coast of Virginia, Wild Fish Oil is one of the only fish oils processed in the United States, as soon as it gets off the boat!

    One of the Only Fish Oils Certified by
    Friends of The Sea

    Over-fishing is a major problem. One that threatens our entire food supply (since it's all connected).

    By supporting the awesome fishermen that do their job with respect to the health of the oceans, you can feel good while feeling good!

    Wild Fish Oil Resources

    Wild Fish Oil FAQ's

    What are the approximate levels of EPA/DPA/DHA in 1 serving (1000mg) of the menhaden fish oil?
    How is the fish oil processed?
    Is Wild Fish Oil filtered off for contaminants (such as PCBs, dioxins, etc)?
    Is your fish oil tested for heavy metals and mercury?