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    Customer Reviews

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    Healthy addition to our smoothies

    We've been drinking a smoothie my wife found the recipe for online. I've drunk Wild Foods matcha in the tin off and on, so we figured Wild was the place to get this too. While I can't say I feel particularly better in a way I can attibute to a single product, I know that matcha has lots of great nutrients, and I trust Wild Foods for quality.

    Give me all the energy!

    Love the matcha! I put it in my smoothie every morning and it keeps my energy levels steady all day long.


    Can’t go wrong with wild food co. Always 🔥

    Green tea

    Matcha green tea is just the taste of health. Yum! I love it so much.


    High quality! Thank you!

    Visible Nutrition = Visible Results

    Makes a nutritious way to wake up for the day.
    It's also a great natural pre-workout choice.
    Grown and processed on JAS Organic tea farm in Japan.

    A Perfect Part of Your Wild Routine

    Metabolism Enhancer: Wild Matcha contains polyphenols EGCG, a thermogenic ingredient known to boost metabolism.

    Matcha is a natural mood and energy enhancer: the caffeine is released into the bloodstream slowly, providing a healthy boost of energy!

    Less Caffeine Than Coffee

    Caffeine: ~33mg per 8oz matcha cup if using 1.5g (1/2 tsp) serving.

    Wild Matcha Green Tea Resources

    Wild Matcha Green Tea FAQ's

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    How is Matcha made?
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    Can you drink Wild Matcha as actual tea and not just use it in smoothies and shakes?
    When making a Wild Matcha smoothie, do I use matcha in powder form or do I need to prepare it in some special way?