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    Customer Reviews

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    I really like the powder. I throw it in the French press while the coffee brews although I never just added some to my coffee. I think the only downside is the price to quantity ratio; wish I could get more for less or at least the price it is. You get what you pay for though! Will buy again soon

    Good vanilla

    Good flavor. Smells wonderful. Small bags but seems to last.


    This wild vanilla powder tastes like nothing else that I have ever had before. I love the way it tastes. I makes you feel so healthy after putting it in your coffee, smoothie or yogart. I need to try using wild vanilla powder made from Madagascar in a healthy cooking recipe. Vanilla pudding, creme brulee, healthy frosting, no sugar,of course. Matcha green tea with vanilla powder with a pinch of pink salt.Cocotropic with vanilla powder...or cocoa with vanilla powder.

    Great in morning keto coffee

    Adds a nice flair, flavor, and nutrition to our morning keto butter coffees. Too bad it keeps going scarce!

    Another great raw natural

    Well all I could say it's great blending with coffee and other wild food produce.

    Vying For Vanilla

    It's one of the most labor-intensive ingredients on earth. Vanilla is in great demand and there is a limited availability these days with crop shortages.

    Vanilla beans are the seeds of a type of orchid. From growing and harvesting, to soaking and drying, the whole process to produce vanilla as a usable ingredient takes months.

    Very Nutritious Vanilla

    Our Wild Vanilla Powder is Non-GMO and full of healthy nutrients.

    Thanks to it's antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals - like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron - the wild nutrients found in vanilla help in reducing inflammation, regulating metabolism and aiding proper nervous system function.

    Incredibly Delicious!

    Wild Vanilla Powder can be used as a healthy replacement for vanilla extract. It is a fantastic addition in so many recipes - everything from shakes and smoothies to butter coffee and hot chocolate.

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