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    Customer Reviews

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    I love it, the K2 and black pepper extract makes a big difference, rather than just the D vitamins by itself. Will be buying it often.

    works great

    great job thank you

    Extra Vitamin D

    I need vitamin D for stronger teeth health and extra calcium absorption. Especially because I'm pregnant. I need all the good vitamin D I can get!

    Great product

    This is a great product and company. Very informative about their products!

    Great Company!!

    So glad I found a company who actually understands what their audience is looking for. Everything you would expect from a health oriented group. I have ordered many different products from this company and have been pleased with ALL of them. Great quality and great customer service!

    Why Take Vitamin D?

    You may think of sunny days when you think of Vitamin D. It's true, the sunshine provides the body with Vitamin D, but unfortunately so many of us are living too busy, and don't get adequate time outside. This means we're often sorely lacking this important nutrient.

    Say OK To Vitamin K

    Our bodies need Vitamin K for healthy teeth and controlling binding of calcium in bones and other tissues. This essential vitamin plays a role in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating our blood calcium levels.

    Why Black Pepper?

    While black pepper in and of itself can be beneficial for many health purposes, it has been said to enhance nutrient absorption and support healthy gut biome. Adding black pepper extract to our Wild Vitamin K2 & D3 means you can get even more beneficial effects when taking our supplement.

    Wild Vitamin K2 & D3 Resources

    Wild Vitamin K2 & D3 FAQ's

    Why should I take Vitamin K2 & D3?
    How much should I take?
    Is this supplement safe for children?
    Why are both K2 and D3 paired together?
    How should these be stored?