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    Vitamin K2 (MK-7) & Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) & Black Pepper Extract Supplements Wild Foods
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    Prevents Tooth Decay

    Vitamin K2 helps transport calcium to the teeth, promoting healthy tooth enamel

    Promotes Strong Bones

    Vitamin K2 and D3 work together to enhance bone density and strength

    Cardiovascular Health

    Numerous studies show the importance of proper D3 levels for health

    Boost Immune System

    Vitamin K2 and D3 may help support your immune system

    Wild Vitamin K2 & D3


    This essential vitamin plays a role in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels.


    Made in the U. S. A.


    To overall health and well being


    K2 for absorption and D3 for numerous bodily processes

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 47 reviews

    Has everything you need in one vitamin. I buy these monthly.

    margo satterfield

    I have many products from this brand

    David Early

    Best buy for K2 and Vit D and easy to swallow

    Alisha Bernard

    I just got these in, they're incredibly smaller than what I'm used to and I ain't even mad about that, but please when you purchase these know that they will not fill up the entire bottle so it seem "off" that the pills are in the corner of the bottle. That's all.


    Pleased with the product…recommended:)

    Wild Vitamins Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I take Vitamin K2 & D3

    Vitamin D3 is a crucial need for many of us. Some estimates show that up to 1 billion people worldwide are deficient, and another 3 billion fail to get enough each day. So supplementing is often critical to combat this, while promoting healthy bones and teeth.

    Vitamin K2 also helps absorption, along with the black pepper extract, and both of these are critical to balancing our circulatory health. Vitamin K2 and black pepper both act as natural balance factors in blood clotting.

    What are the benefits of drinking Matcha?

    Matcha tea, which is high in antioxidants, may help protect the liver; it may help promote heart health as well. It helps you lose weight and boosts your brain function. Matcha tea is also very easy to prepare.

    How should these be stored?

    Storing the capsules in their bottle—kept in a dry, cool place—should be sufficient to keep your Wild K2 & D3 potent!

    Is this supplement safe for children?

    It's always best to consult your pediatrician. The recommended dose of D3 is about 1,000 ICU per 25 pounds of body weight for children daily. What's even better? Get your kids outside in the sun every single day!

    Why are K2 and D3 paired together?

    Vitamin K2 partners with Vitamin D3 to ensure you get the maximum absorption, while still remaining internally balanced. The black pepper extract is the finishing touch as it helps the K2 absorb more readily.

    How much should I take?

    Vitamin D3 is safe for most adults up to 5,000 IU's a day, and K2 is recommended at 100mcg per 5,000-10,000 ICU of D3. So we have put the optimum amounts into our Wild Vitamin K2 & D3 with Black Pepper Extract Capsules. Consult your doctor if you are on any medications.

    What is the serving size of Wild Vitamin K2 & D3?

    1 capsule a day for adults.

    All About Vitamin D3 & K2

    The Difference Between Vitamin D3 and D2 and Which is Better?

    Vitamin D and D3 are crucial micronutrients your body needs. But how do you get them, and what is the difference of each? Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about these nutrients so you can best optimize your health.

    Vitamin D3 is one of the most sought-after supplements. It's thought that more than 40 percent of people are vitamin D deficient, which influences everything from mood regulation to immune cell modulation.

    In addition to being one of the few nutrients that is difficult to obtain from food alone, our bodies get most of their D from sunlight exposure.

    What is vitamin D3
    Cholecalciferol, a vitamin D3, is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an essential role in bone health, immune function, cell proliferation, and other functions. Experts agree that it is necessary to defend against various chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders.

    Your body creates vitamin D on its own when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is also obtained through foods and supplements.

    Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is widespread, and certain groups are at a higher risk of deficiency. Notably, older people, those who get limited sun exposure, and individuals who are overweight/obese or have darker skin tones are at an increased risk.

    Two forms of Vitamin D

    There are two forms of vitamin D: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Both are absorbed by the body in different ways. Vitamin D3 is reactivated as 1,25-dihydoxyvitamin D, which is an active form of vitamin D.

    Vitamin D3 is exclusively in fish, liver, eggs, cod liver oil, and most animal foods.

    Meanwhile, vitamin D2 is mainly found in mushrooms, and fortified foods, such as cereal (the latter we don’t recommend).
    A report published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that vitamin D3 was almost twice as successful at raising vitamin D levels in the blood than vitamin D2, which is metabolized differently.

    Choose vitamin D3 over vitamin D2 in supplement form because of this reason.

    Vitamin D3 Benefits

    Bone health: There is no doubt that vitamin D3 is crucial for bone health. In children, one of the most severe vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms is rickets, a condition in which the bones become soft and weak. Vitamin D enhances bone health by boosting calcium absorption, which is critical to skeletal integrity. It also helps process phosphorus, another essential bone mineral, in addition to doing so.

    Weight loss: Some research indicates that people with more body fat have lower vitamin D levels. Taking vitamin D3 may enhance weight loss and boost fat-burning. For example, one study demonstrated that supplementing with calcium and vitamin D increased weight loss and fat elimination compared to a control group.

    Immune function: Vitamin D3 provides several excellent advantages, one of which is boosting immunity and helping overall health. In addition to preventing wound healing and boosting the risk of infection, a lack of this crucial micronutrient can hamper the function of immune cells in the body.

    Researchers have found that lower vitamin D levels are associated with a higher risk of recent respiratory tract infections, showing just how crucial this vitamin is for immunity. Experts now advocate deficient individuals raise their vitamin D3 levels quickly by taking a high dose of up to 10,000 IU/day for a few weeks. Consult your doctor before starting any supplement routine.

    Mental health: Some research suggests vitamin D may boost mental health and brain function. Studies have indicated that low vitamin D status may be connected with:

    Bipolar disorder

    Additionally, one study from Washington University School of Medicine linked vitamin D deficiency to poor mood and diminished cognitive function in older people.

    Food Sources of Vitamin D

    Eating a few foods rich in vitamin D3 is an easy way to increase your intake of this critical fat-soluble vitamin.
    Here are the best vitamin D3 foods:

    Cod Liver Oil
    Wild-Caught fatty fish
    Beef liver

    It may be important to take a D3 supplements

    Meeting your vitamin D needs through sun exposure is the most effective way to maintain healthy levels. If sun exposure is not possible or lacking, use a vitamin D3 supplement as well as increasing your consumption of D-rich foods. Taking vitamin D supplements can be a quick and convenient way to meet your vitamin D needs and protect against the risk of deficiency.

    Choosing vitamin D3 over vitamin D2 to maximize absorption is the best choice if you opt to take one. Vitamin D should also be born with meals since it requires a good source of fat to be absorbed.

    How much vitamin D3 should I take daily? Currently, the recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D is as follows:

    400 IU: infants 0-12 months
    600 IU: Children and adults 1 - 70 years old
    800 IU: 70+-year-old adults

    Vitamin D3 Side Effects

    Is it possible to take too much vitamin D3? What are the symptoms if you do?

    Researchers believe that doses of up to 10,000 IU per day of vitamin D can be taken without symptoms of toxicity, even though the current upper limit is set at 4,000 IU per day.

    However, it is crucial to take vitamin D supplements in line with directions and avoid taking large amounts of vitamin D3. Abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, and confusion are some potential adverse effects of vitamin D3.

    Stop taking vitamin D3 if you experience any adverse side effects, and consult with your physician.

    It is essential to talk with a well-informed health care professional before starting supplements if you have any underlying health issues. Vitamin D, in particular, may worsen symptoms associated with kidney disease or hyperparathyroidism, as it causes increased calcium absorption.


    *Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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