Tired All The Time?

Are you feeling drained and exhausted every day, despite getting a full night's sleep?

Chronic fatigue has become so common that most people just accept it as part of life.

But does it have to be like this?

Our Soil is Depleted

A mineral deficiency is a common cause of fatigue. Millions of Americans suffer from fatigue-related mineral deficiencies.

The reason is simple: an overworked, strip-mined industrial food system.

Our food continually lacks essential vitamins and minerals, so much so that food companies have to add them back in (they call it "fortified")!

Your body needs help

Restore electrolyte balance, support cellular repair and performance, and promote cellular function, healing, and energy with Wild Minerals Oxy-Mag blend, derived from ancient plant deposits.

Ingredients: Bioavailable oxygen, distilled water, sea salt, magnesium chloride, and plant-sourced liquid minerals, including magnesium, zinc, and chromium

A gift from nature

Wild Elements are derived from Paleolithic deposits of humic shale called lignite, a bioactive form of humus, using a cold water extraction process.

They are a natural, clean, and completely bioavailable source of all the essential nutrients.

Our liquid minerals are made using a cold water extraction process, giving you pure, untouched elemental minerals you can use to support health and vitality.

Why Wild Elements?

Pure simple ingredients - we let nature do her thang.

Breakthrough formulas that are designed and tested thoroughly.

Sustainable, small-batch, purity-tested. Good for you and Earth.

Optimize Your Minerals

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A Mineral Powerhouse: Oxy-Mag Blend

Activated oxygen promotes cellular function, healing, and energy. A versatile blend of minerals: Take for sport, overall vitality, or both. Boost oxygen levels naturally for better recovery, performance, cellular repair, and overall health and well-being.

Magnesium is responsible for over 600 reactions that take place in the body and helps to lower stress and anxiety, converts food to energy, and boosts mood through supporting hormone and neurotransmitter production.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral which is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain, hormones, and immune system. Research has indicated that a deficiency in zinc can decrease testosterone levels and sensitivity to insulin, and can cause certain individuals to experience symptoms of depression.

Having the right amount of chromium in the body can help keep hormones regulated, ease the burden on the adrenal glands, reduce appetite and help with weight loss, and improve the body's ability to make use of the nutrients consumed.

Signs of chromium deficiency: Energy crashes throughout day, Brain fog after eating, Low motivation, High irritability

Another major mineral and electrolyte that our bodies need in considerable amounts is sodium, which helps regulate our mood, rest, and energy.

A low amount of sodium prompts the body to produce stress hormones, which can lead to tiredness, anxiety, fatigue, and mood swings.

Wild Guarantee

Your happiness is guaranteed with our 60-day no-risk money-back guarantee.

Who we are: Wild Foods specializes in Earth-Grown Real Food prodcuts. We are passionate about ingredients and their story.

Whole Foods

Our philosophy is Mother Nature knows best, so we stay out of her way so she can do her thang!

Health-First Approach

We are obsessed with health and longevity. Everything we do is rooted in this obsession.

Every Batch Tested

Every batch undergoes multiple tests throughout the supply chain to ensure safety, potency, and consistency.

Science and Nature

By utilizing principles of biology, we develop products to support your longterm health.

Wild is a Trusted Brand with 10,000+ Happy Customers

Pure clean Energy

"I am a mother of three and I have been going to the gym daily for years. I started taking Wild Oxy-Mag and my energy has improved considerably. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, I am always ready to work out."

- Morgan T


"I have been feeling tired for about a month now and I was getting worried about what could be wrong. I started to take Wild minerals daily and within a few days, my energy levels were dramatically improved."

- Lisa M

Yes !!!

"I am a student and I have to use a lot of energy to stay awake at night and during the day, but with Wild Oxy-Mag I have found that my energy levels are significantly higher. I am getting more accomplished than before and I feel good."


Mornings made even better!

"This product has been a lifesaver for me. I started feeling sluggish and tired all the time, but as soon as I started taking this my energy levels improved tremendously. A must-have for anyone who feels like they need extra energy!"

- Buck Robinson


"I started taking Oxy-Mag and I can tell you it has done wonders for my energy. I used to be sluggish all the time, but now I feel refreshed and more awake, even after a long day."

-Jack R

Best Hot Cocoa

"I was feeling more tired and rundown than usual, so I picked up a bottle of the Oxy-Mag. After taking it for three days, I noticed that my energy had improved. It's like a whole new me.

- Justin B

Premium Human Nutrition

Oxy-Mag Questions

What are the benefits?


The most efficient form of energy production, aerobic metabolism, is key to peak performance. A steady oxygen supply is required to convert sugar into muscle energy, the most efficient energy production.

Combat oxygen deficit + magnesium deficiency all-in-one

During strenuous exercise, the muscles require more O₂ than the lungs can provide, forcing the body to rely on anaerobic metabolism. This process results in lactic acid buildup, which causes muscle soreness and fatigue. Magnesium is also essential for optimal performance and recovery. Everything slows when magnesium is lacking.

Optimal performance

Increased oxygen in the bloodstream can improve aerobic metabolism, reduce lactic acid accumulation, and maximize performance by powering muscles.

How do I take it?

Shake well before using. As a dietary supplement, take one capful (1 fl oz), preferably on an empty stomach. Can be taken directly or added to distilled water. Avoid solution coming into contact with metal containers or utensils.

What are the ingredients?

Ingredients: Bioavailable oxygen, distilled water, sea salt, magnesium chloride, and plant-sourced liquid minerals, including magnesium, zinc, and chromium

What is the dose?

Take one capful a day and more as needed.