Are you feeling drained and exhausted every day, despite getting a full night's sleep?

Chronic fatigue has become so common that most people just accept it as part of life.

But does it have to be like this?

Our Depleted Soil

A mineral deficiency is a common cause of fatigue. Millions of Americans suffer from fatigue-related mineral deficiencies.

The reason is simple: an overworked, strip-mined industrial food system.

Our food continually lacks essential vitamins and minerals, so much so that food companies have to add them back in (they call it "fortified")!

Your body needs help

Restore electrolyte balance, support cellular repair and performance, and promote cellular function, healing, and energy with Wild Minerals Oxy-Mag blend, derived from ancient plant deposits.

Ingredients: Bioavailable oxygen, distilled water, sea salt, magnesium chloride, and plant-sourced liquid minerals, including magnesium, zinc, and chromium

Seven Forms

The problem with most magnesium is how hard it is to absorb.

The majority of low-quality magnesiums are hard to digest and have low bioavailability.

We formulated our magnesium complex with seven different magnesiums to be as bioavailable as possible by using multiple forms of magnesium.

Why Wild Foods?

Pure simple ingredients - we let nature do her thang.

Breakthrough formulas thoroughly tested and sourced with care.

Sustainable, small-batch, purity-tested. Good for you and Earth.

Optimize Your Minerals

30-Day Supply

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60-Day Supply
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7 Forms of Magnesium

Glycinat0e & Biglycinate

The most popular form of magnesium. Linked to deep and restorative sleep.


Positive research showing connections between magnesium taurate and lower blood pressure.


Easy to digest form fo magnesium


Patented form that enhances magnesium absorption compared to regular magnesium.


May help improve athletic performance.

Humic/Fulvic Blend

Potent antioxidants that help with digestion and absorption.

Wild Guarantee

Your happiness is guaranteed with our 60-day no-risk money-back guarantee.

Who we are: Wild Foods specializes in Earth-Grown Real Food prodcuts. We are passionate about ingredients and their story.

Whole Foods

Our philosophy is Mother Nature knows best, so we stay out of her way so she can do her thang!

Health-First Approach

We are obsessed with health and longevity. Everything we do is rooted in this obsession.

Every Batch Tested

Every batch undergoes multiple tests throughout the supply chain to ensure safety, potency, and consistency.

Science and Nature

By utilizing principles of biology, we develop products to support your longterm health.

Wild is a Trusted Brand with 10,000+ Happy Customers

Pure clean Energy

"I am a mother of three and I have been going to the gym daily for years. I started taking Wild Magnesium and my energy has improved considerably.

- Morgan T


"I have been feeling tired for about a month now and I was getting worried about what could be wrong. I started to take Wild minerals daily and within a few days, my energy levels were dramatically improved."

- Lisa M

Yes !!!

"I am a student and I have to use a lot of energy to stay awake at night and during the day, but with Wild Complex I have found that my energy levels are significantly higher. I am getting more accomplished than before and I feel good."


Mornings made even better!

"This product has been a lifesaver for me. I started feeling sluggish and tired all the time, but as soon as I started taking this my energy levels improved tremendously. A must-have for anyone who feels like they need extra energy!"

- Buck Robinson


"I started taking Wild Magnesium and I can tell you it has done wonders for my energy. I used to be sluggish all the time, but now I feel refreshed and more awake, even after a long day."

-Jack R


"I was feeling more tired and rundown than usual, so I picked up a bottle of the magnesium. After taking it for three days, I noticed that my energy had improved.

- Justin B

Premium Human Nutrition

Complex Questions

Can I take magnesium every day?

Yes... and you probably should!

Wild I feel it?

Maybe. Maybe not. You can test increased dose to see how your body responds. Consult doctor if on any medications.

Should I only take this at night?

Heck no. The game-changer for us was realizing that magnesium is a morning, day, and night supplement.

Should I take this on an empty stomach?

You can test it. If taking multiple capsules, consider taking it with a meal to avoid any gastrointestinal distress.