A Simple Daily Routine To Restore Gut Health and Heal Leaky Gut Using Proven Gut Supporting Compounds and Routines

1. The Dream Team

Five Gut-Supporting products that also support your health in other days combined to create the perfect healthy gut-building routine.

2. Start with Fulvic Acid

One of the world's most highly potent antioxidant, fulvic acid helps heal your gut lining and bind to toxins (chelation), so your body can remove them.

The morning protocol include making a small morning drink/shot featuring fulvic acid, ACV, Oxy-Mag, and a dash of pink salt.

3. Balance Your Minerals

A mineral deficiency can lead to and worsen leaky gut.

If your gut lacks the minerals it needs to heal itself, it simply won't heal, and a chronically inflamed gut will define your life.

4. Liquid Magnesium and Electrolytes 

Oxy-Mag is a concentrated liquid magnesium blend helps you recover quickly while supporting gut health, sleep, and more.

5. Prep Your Gut For Lunch & Dinner

Lunch: Take your Pre/Pro before lunch and a shot of Wild Fulvic to get those gut juices flowing before your gut starts digesting.

Dinner: A dash of fulvic acid and ACV will prime your gut for the biggest meal of the day. Fight bloat and overeating!

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reWILD Your Gut Protocol

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