Whole Food Daily Multivitamin for Women with 29 Premium Ingredients – Wild Foods
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    Customer Reviews

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    Supplemental Bliss

    I got an email encouraging me to try a sample of this multivitamin. I take supplements as part of my daily routine and I added one capsule of this to my before work routine. I immediately noticed positive changes. My mood is elevated and my mental clarity is spot on. The product helped me push through a writer's block I had been dealing with for a year, now I can see a much larger picture forming for my next story. I didn't even realize that the suggested servings was three capsules. I am going to stick with one capsule a day for the rest of the year. Thanks so much for getting me to try this new multi.

    New Multi Vitamin

    I know for sure I'm absorbing the riboflavin in it because it's not going through me like previous multivitamins. I don't specifically feel a difference but I trust the company more than any other ones. Happy for support wild foods!