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    Coffee, Shakes, Smoothies

    Add collagen to everything to support your bones, hair, nail, and joint health!

    A Versatile Powder

    Studies have shown collagen to be effective at treating joint point issues as well as osteoarthritis.

    Collagen may help with building and recovering muscles. Glycine, an amino acid in collagen, is used by your body to convert glucose into fuel for your muscles. Glycine has also been shown to play integral roles in digestion and the function of your central nervous system.

    Oral intake of specific bioactive collagen peptides may reduce skin wrinkles and increase dermal matrix synthesis.

    A Recipe No One Knows About: Collagen Water

    2 cups of filtered water
    1 scoop of Wild Collagen
    3 slices lime
    3 slices cucumber
    2 sprigs of mint
    Ice cubes

    Combine the water and the collagen in a quart mason jar.

    Stir until the collagen is completely dissolved.

    Wild Mushroom Blend FAQ

    Why should I take Wild Collagen Peptides?

    Collagen is one of the body’s most important building blocks. It makes up about 30% of the proteins in your body. Skin, hair, nails, connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons are all made with collagen fibers. They need collagen to remain healthy and strong!Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps (you'llll love it)

    Can't I just get collagen from the foods I eat?

    Theoretically, yes, there are some foods that contain collagen, but today’s diets don’t usually contain very much. Plus, when you're in your twenties, collagen production often begins to slow down, and the quality of the collagen you still have declines with age. This is a good reason to supplement with Wild Collagen Peptides Powder.

    Is this product tested for heavy metals? How do I know it's safe?

    Yes! Every batch must pass COA testing to ensure safety for microbial and heavy metal content.

    What time of day do I need to take this?

    Whenever is most convenient for you!

    A lot of folks like to take it about 30 minutes before exercising to help support tendon health, facilitate muscle repair and growth, and even help with pain management.

    What does Wild Collagen Peptides Powder taste like?

    Nothing actually. It is rather flavorless. Plus we use no fillers or additives!

    This means it mixes well into just about anything - slip it into shakes, drinks, and foods to get your needed collagen daily.

    Does this product have any additives?

    Never ever ever evaaaa!

    Wild Mission

    Wild Foods specializes in Real Foods from small producers around the world.

    We are passionate about ingredients and their story.

    Our Wild Mission is to help a million people live better lives by eating, moving and living naturally.

    If we don’t use it, we won't sell it.

    That is our Wild Guarantee.

    Earth-grown ingredients

    Our philosophy is Mother Nature knows best. We will never outwit her, so we stay as out of her way and let her do her thang!

    Health First Approach

    At Wild, we are obsessed with health and longevity. Everything we do is focused on this obsession.

    Every Batch Tested

    Every Wild Foods product undergoes multiple testing throughout the supply chain process to ensure safety, potency, and consistency.

    Science and Nature

    By understanding the first principles of human biology, we develop products to support you and your goals for the long haul.

    Notice to California residents: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov