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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Kathleen Lee
    Can’t find better

    I trust Wild Foods products. I have been a customer from the beginning. This whey protein is my go to.

    Christina Gagnon
    The Best Whey Protein Out There

    We love Wild Foods' Wild Grass-Fed Whey Protein and use it everyday in our breakfast smoothie. We did a lot of research and a lot of sampling before we found this product and the health benefit and pureness of ingredients puts this protein way above all the others in healthfulness and quality. We especially like that it's non-denatured. Plus it tastes really great too :)

    Lisa A.
    Wild Whey

    Time to write a review!
    I honestly can not say enough about this protein. My husband & I have been consuming this clean protein for YEARS! There is no comparison to any other whey protein out there, clean or/especially otherwise.
    One thing I really love about this protein is that it doesn't cause any stomach upset. Huge bonus for me.
    I'll also add that Wild CS is awesome!
    Been here for a while & plan on never leaving. (Yes, we use quite a few of Wild's other products) They simply provide superior products & everything about their mission is excellent.
    Thank you Wild!