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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews

    It dissolves easily and smoothly. It is really really unflavored, so it’s perfect for mixing in juice or yogurt in addition to putting it in my fruit and vegetable smoothies! Good stuff!! ❤️

    Always the best!

    I've been chugging the Wild Whey for years now. The quality and consistency is top notch. Tastes milky, not cheesy. So good!

    Love it!!!

    No taste at all, mixes easily, and no grittiness in my smoothies! Absolutely love it! I also want to thank you for making products without stevia. I am so happy that I found your products! This protein powder and your cocotropic powder are my favorites so far!



    Top notch

    I’ve experimented with every sort of protein there is to try and this stuff beats it all by a landslide. I usually mix this with the cocoa powder give it two thumbs up.

    Where Wild Whey Milk Comes From

    Open-pasture ranches in Australia where hormone-free happy and healthy dairy cows graze on organic pastures year-round.

    Not Your Typical Protein Powder

    All the processing that regular whey goes through results in a denaturing of the many beneficial biologically-active properties that are inherent in raw milk (there's a lot of nutrition in milk because babies need to grow).

    Wild Whey is a non-denatured, native whey protein that is not only good for you but also tastes great! 

    Wild Whey undergoes the most minimal processing possible.

    Why Choose Wild Whey?

    Because your health, results and performance matter to you and you need a protein that reflects that importance!

    Because you want the best quality and the creamiest taste. Wild Whey made from milk is the creamiest, most delicious whey on the market.

    Wild Whey Resources

    Wild Whey FAQ's

    Where is the milk from?
    What does "non-denatured, native whey protein" mean?
    Does Wild Whey have casein? I'm sensitive to casein.
    How much lactose is in Wild Whey?
    What is cysteine and why is it beneficial from non-denatured whey protein?
    What type of package does the 5oz, 10oz, 2.5lb and 5lb Natural sizes come in?
    What are the nutrition facts of Wild Whey?
    What beneficial nutrition is in Wild Whey compared to typical whey protein?
    Is Wild Whey ​organic?
    Is this mixable without a blender? I have read that it isn't good as far as maintaining its properties.
    What happens to the casein naturally found in the milk?
    Are the plastic containers BPA-Free?
    How many carbs in a serving?
    What breed of cows and milk are used?
    Do the cows live and graze in open pastures?
    Why do you use gum acacia in your whey?
    Does the natural flavor have any other ingredients?
    What are the ingredients?
    Are you certified GMP?