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    Based on 2874 reviews
    The most delicious matcha!

    I have been a matcha fanatic for years and this one is hands down the most delicious of them all. It’s smooth flavor is so pleasant. I enjoy my matcha hot in the morning and mix it up as a cold latte in the afternoon. Time to buy another bag!

    Good healthy fish oil

    No fishy taste or fishy burp, helps control health


    What is the source of the vitamin D3 in this product? Is it Lanolin?

    Yum Yum!

    Love this bone broth...I put it in my smoothie in the morning...along with wild collagen powder,mct oil ,master blend shrooms,chia seeds,bee pollen ,some almond milk,yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit. The Best!

    Wild CocoTropic Superfood Cocoa Drink Mix - 16oz
    Noticeable mood enhancement

    A coworker recommended it to me when I put a heaping spoonful in my coffee. I kind of forgot about it then realized that my attitude and mood were REMARKABLY improved 30 minutes later. Aside from prescription (or illegal) drugs or maybe an awesome hot yoga workout, I have never had such a gentle yet noticeable change in my mood. I bought some for my dad who has chronic pain and migraines and for my sister who has similar symptoms and they love it. They continue to comment each time they take it that it really works. I can't recommend it enough. I want to know more about how such compounds effect the brain. Truly miraculous!

    Gut health at its finest

    The Wild Foods Co, Super Greens have helped me get my gut health in check. These greens are by far the best I have had. Quite possibly the best greens available. Definitely give the a try.!

    Great for your skin

    I’ve been using this product for 2 years and highly recommended it. There is no fishy taste like others I’ve tried. I love that the fish is wild caught and not damaging the environment. I highly recommend this product.

    Do it!

    When you are looking for wholesome products, choose Wildfoods! I am please 100% with their products. Try the Wild Fish Oil and the Wild Focus.. I am hoping for collegen caps sometime in the future.

    Trusted Product

    I'm going to be honest and say that there are many companies that make collagen peptides and some really over price for it. It's hard to figure out who to trust but because of wild foods statements and their core beliefs, I can rest easy and know that their collagen is well sourced. Again, we can't taste collagen so it's hard to know what's good quality so we have to trust the companies and that can be hard. On top of their well sourced collagen, the size of it lasts a long time! Great product!

    Great product

    I am very picky in which fish oil supplements I use. I really like wilds fish oil capsule/liquid. I like that I am not adding to the destruction of the sea ecosystem(or at least limiting it). Also, These pills don’t leave a fishy aftertaste

    Love this

    I am heads over heels in love with this product. I put it in my daily protein shake. Not only is this one of the best tasting cocoa powders I have tasted, I feel that it improves my overall well-being. I would highly recommend!!

    Love the taste!

    I’m on my second tub of Wild Reds and really like this product! I’ve been using it before my workout each morning. While I’m used to using products that give you that ‘zip’ due to added caffeine as a pre workout drink, Wild Reds just seems to give me the energy needed. And it tastes great too!


    Any chance you can get this in capsules....not a fan of green drinks

    Supplemental Bliss

    I got an email encouraging me to try a sample of this multivitamin. I take supplements as part of my daily routine and I added one capsule of this to my before work routine. I immediately noticed positive changes. My mood is elevated and my mental clarity is spot on. The product helped me push through a writer's block I had been dealing with for a year, now I can see a much larger picture forming for my next story. I didn't even realize that the suggested servings was three capsules. I am going to stick with one capsule a day for the rest of the year. Thanks so much for getting me to try this new multi.

    Love Wild Foods

    I am so happy with the products I purchased. Will keep ordering. Thank you!


    Love all of the products I’ve received so far. The wild 8 mushroom complex are my new favorite.

    Great products! I have great mental clarity from lions mane, as do my parents. delicious and affordable.

    Simple but well made. Great ingredients. ! RECOMMEND

    Love This Product

    Love this product even more now that I've switched from using it in my coffee to adding a teaspoon to warm water. It's a great afternoon pick me up for mood and caffeination. Just purchased my 2nd order.

    Love This Product

    Love this product even more now that I've switched from using it in my coffee to adding a teaspoon to warm water. It's a great afternoon pick me up for mood and caffeination. Just purchased my 2nd order.

    Great Matcha

    This is the best Matcha I have found, and the best value. I drink it as tea with no sweetener, and a tiny bit of milk. So good!


    Great and easy way to add to my shakes or soup recipes. I even add it to a glass of hot water and drink it straight up

    Awesome clean products!

    We love our products from Wild Foods Co., everything is clean and goes along with our Keto/low carb diet and needs for no sugar in our foods. Everything tastes great and has fabulous proven medicinal values by years of use in our family. Great work! Kudos, Ann Margaret

    New Multi Vitamin

    I know for sure I'm absorbing the riboflavin in it because it's not going through me like previous multivitamins. I don't specifically feel a difference but I trust the company more than any other ones. Happy for support wild foods!

    The salt is a great product a d shipping was fast and ordering smooth and seamless