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    Based on 2928 reviews
    Grateful & Happy

    So happy to have been introduced to Wild’s
    PreBiotic/Probiotic Supplement from my Chiropractor & I love reading about your Company and all you do to keep your 💯% Happiness Guaranteed. Thank you !!!


    my whole family loves this tea! Delicious flavor. I put a small amount of stevia in ours :) great product!


    Taste good ! wish sold in much larger and more economical size !!!!!!!!!!!

    awesome product!

    I've been using this collagen for well over a year now. I definitely see a difference in my hair and nail strength, so can only imagine how well it's working internally, too!

    Best Bone Broth Ever

    This is the VERY BEST bone broth I have ever tasted! My cats love it too! Will order more when we run out! You have a lovely business.

    I've been using Wild Foods Co. New Wild Tumeric & Ginger Tincture mainly for post workout recovery to speed up inflammation response. It's been a game changer. Very little D.O.M.S. ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness ) from training & not to mention my joints feel smooth & healthy.
    Def recommend you add this to your daily health & wellness routine

    Got the collagan latge size

    I got your large collagan. Says i get free product on top. How do i get that free product. I bought on amazon

    Wonderful product

    I thought I would give this a try and it was a great purchase. Tastes great and it fills me up. I have been using it as an evening tea to keep me from snacking and it works.

    Great Flavor

    I have used many collagen products and this is my favorite the flavor is amazing

    Amazing Flavor

    I LOVE Truffle Salt and the flavor of this one is amazing! I pretty much add it to everything from eggs to avocado and veggies.

    AmazIng product

    This so the best mushroom blend around. And at an amazing price. I put it in my coffee every morning and I know my immune system is better. I haven’t gotten sick in over a year! That’s unheard of for me.

    No clear directions

    No clear Direction on how to mix with water. How much water am I supposed to use? Doesn't say it all

    I live this stuff. Within a week my knee pain disappear ed. Will definitely buy again

    Great Product

    Healthy combination of ingredients. Mix it in toasted coconut almond tea with whey protein, manuka honey and collagen powder. Some nutritionists say not to drink your calories but it's a really healthful, nutritious drink.

    best fish oil

    I do believe that this is the best fish oil I have used. I do recommend it to anyone who needs to take fish oil.

    awesome collagen

    i noticed a big improvement in my finger nails becoming stronger in less than a month; less dry and brittle. i'm very satisfied and would recommend.

    Always fresh, smells good, make plenty of chocolate candies from it.

    Never going back to extract!

    This vanilla powder is AMAZING! I originally bought it for baking as I was making so many cakes, I was using up a lot of vanilla extract. I wanted a more cost effective alternative and boy did i get it! you only need to use a fraction of the vanilla powder in your recipes than you would with extract, but even with the smaller amount the vanilla flavor is out of this world! My friends and family were raving about my baking once I made the switch. the bag lasts for a pretty long time too and can be used for so many other things. I like to sprinkle some into my coffee or morning oatmeal as well. It was worth every penny and I will continue to buy more when and if, I ever run out.

    Seriously! Just buy it already!

    High quality collagen

    This was recommended by a friend. I've been using it for joint health as well as for the benefits while working out at the gym. A pleasant side effect is that my fingernails also seem to be growing longer and stronger.

    Turmeric Ginger Extract

    This is a GREAT product. Tastes good, makes me feel good :) Keep up the good work

    Very Good!
    Love it!!


    FEEL LIKE I'm very alert at work from wild focus not really drinking coffee as much. Feel great with it so far a must try.

    Wild Golden Milk

    I got a cancer diagnosis and was told I had to quit using sugar and cream in my coffee. After 60 years of drinking coffee with sugar and cream, I thought it would be quite an ordeal. Someone told me about making coffee with a scoop of Wild Golden Milk, some C8 powder (MCT oil powder). Wow. I had no problem quitting the sugar and milk. It's such a unique and pleasant taste, it makes you not even notice there's no sugar or milk.

    WILD Fish Oil

    ...a great pure source.

    This stuff works like magic on any gut issues I have had. I would highly recommend this product.