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    Based on 2901 reviews

    The flavor is awesome!! Great to mix in coffee or drink alone with plant-based milk. Highly recommend. PLUS I feel great after drinking it.


    I love this powder - it's wonderful in coffee or milk...
    I feel like I am doing something good for my body.
    Thank you for producing it!

    Superb Quality Products

    I am so happy that my friend introduced me to Wild Products and I look forward to trying more. The Elderberry Collagen, Cocoa Turmeric Powder and the Chai Tea herbal tea are fantastic!
    Thank you!

    Super Greens and Reds very good formula. Greens are something I often lack ,great having a supplement I can count on !

    Delicious and Will Buy Again

    I originally purchased this product to use in a keto ice cream recipe (which turned out AMAZING) and have used it in many other ways. It's great for keto fat bombs or a tasty keto coffee or homemade chocolate. I've even found myself eating it by itself when I'm in a pinch and need more fat during the day. Great product, keep up the good work WILD FOODS!

    Swimmingly good!

    I'm glad I "caught" sight of Wild Fish Oil. My order was quick to arrive, and the Wild Fish Oil capsules don't taste as "fishy" going down, nor as "oily" once they "land" in my stomach.

    Good stuff. 🥰

    Has helped me with my slow metabolism. For years I have struggled with weight gain, and dieting with little results. Never realized my metabolism was the culprit of my over weight issue. Started using Wild MCT oil, and a good diet, and I'm down to a great weight that I've only dreamed of. So every now and then, I use the MCT to give me the boost I need to help maintain my weight, and keep my metabolism moving.

    Works For Me

    I love the ingredients and found this an extra in my smoothies that adds nutrition and good energy to my day.

    Great products

    I am a big fan of the mushroom powder. I use it to make my own "mudd" mix with chai powder and raw cacao powder. Great for hot drinks or to add to protein shakes.

    Wild Raw Nibs From Peru
    Connie San Nicolas
    Great Nibs:

    Love this product. Take it like it is, really love it. Would like to order other Wild Food Products.

    A great boost

    This product is amazing. I add it to coffee every AM. As a cardiologist , I have recommended this product to all of my patients. I suggest you buy a lot and use it every day.


    Currently I rotate my green tea blend with Guayusa with the intention of switching over entirely. Guayusa has caffeine however a little less than my blend which is really quite nice, I may on some days have an afternoon cup!

    Happy with it

    this product helps me concentrate at my job. I wish you would put it on subscription status!

    Good product

    Has a subtle flavor that mixes well into shakes or tea or coffee.

    Amazing Results!

    Thanks Nicole,

    Ya know, when you stop thinking about how tired you are, that's when you realize, you're not tired anymore!

    What is the best bulk deal on Golden Milk?

    Have a really nice day,


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    From: Nicole G (Wild Foods)
    Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 12:40:16 PM
    To: Mike Maselli
    Subject: Re: Re: Improve Focus & Memory with 2-for-1 Wild Focus Nootropic

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    Nicole G (Wild Foods)

    Apr 13, 2021, 6:40 PM EDT

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for reaching back out with your story!

    That's so incredibly wonderful to hear.

    We love to hear genuine feedback regarding the impact our products have on our community.

    If you ever need anything, please always feel free to reach out.

    Yours in health and happiness,
    Nicole G.
    Wild Foods Customer Care

    Mike Maselli

    Apr 12, 2021, 3:35 PM EDT

    Hi Nicole,

    I waited a few days before letting you guys know just how incredible your Golden Milk is!

    Not only does it taste great (like a holiday cookie) but the energy it provides is off the charts!

    The 1st day, I added it to my coffee and before I finished drinking it, I realized that my overall sense of well being had improved and my energy levels were definitely moving in the right direction!

    These results lasted through out the day and every day since...this being day 5.

    I'm getting more work done and sleeping better.

    My heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the development and marketing of a truly Excellent and Superior product!


    Mike Maselli

    P.S. My wife is on day 4 and is experiencing the same great tesults!

    The best!

    I found this around 6 months ago after being diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3C and it's just been tough during my chemo treatments but with the extra vitamins, minerals and the natural elderberry it gave me some strength❣️ thank you for making this product it helps me so much. ..🥰😇💖🙏


    Nice to see a quality company! Very happy with the natural vitamins and probiotics. I will recommend this brand to anyone interested in their health!

    MCT Oil

    I have used Wild Foods MCT Oil for the past couple of years. I use it in my coffee, which alone has never been able to keep me awake, but with MCT Oil, it gives me energy all day. I will not use any other MCT Oil, because I found a winner.

    Wild Foods Cocoa Butter

    I use Wild Foods Cocoa Butter every morning in my coffee. It melts before the last drop goes in the mug. I have also used it on blemishes. This is a great product, I love it.


    I have been using Wild Foods Golden Milk for about 6 months. I drink it in the evening mixed with Almond Silk and a half scoop protein. It helps me to sleep all night as well as providing anti-inflammatory for my body. It is great tasting.


    I love wild foods products, i take daily vitamins, elderberry, collagen , golden milk. And many more. They are the best products. I highly recommend them. Fish oil is great as well.

    Best Decision

    These multivitamins have definitely lifted me up over the last 3 months. I would absolutely recommend this product along with a host of others.

    The best of the best!

    I’ve been getting this matcha powder for years and it’s the only one I will ever buy! High quality, rich bright green color, excellent value! I’m so grateful to Wild Foods!

    Ticks off all the boxes, but...

    Availability is spotty; had to wait for product to get back in stock. As an aside, I can understand the addition of flavorings, but these ingredients prevent lab analysis of oxidation/rancidity level, which is a considering factor for some of your customers.

    Where has this fish oil been all my life?!

    This fish oil is the most delightful explosion my taste buds have ever experienced regarding fish oil. No fishy aftertaste (or belches). Who knew some vanilla and lemon could change something so good for you, into something you looked forward to every morning! Highly recommend.