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    I've spent most of my adult life not going to a doctor.
    And that has worked out okay until recently.
    I got older and my gut went wacky. And fatigue came on. And back pain.
    That's when I realize that my standard "healthy lifestyle" wasn't enough.
    So I went searching for answers.
    • Blood work
    • Gut tests
    • Hormones 
    • And a ton of supplementation (Mag, D3, Fulvic, Wild Man stack are now integral my routine)
    It was time to dive deep with someone that could interpret the compnhrensiae tests and provide recommendations that were not based on Big Pharma or traditional sick care dogma.
    I was referred to a holistic practice in Austin. And I tried a male hormone optimization referral from a friend. 
    Through that process, I discovered I was low in Vitamin D. My cortisol was high (stress). My T levels were on the low end. 
    Living in Texas, where the sun is our friend year-round, that seemed hard to believe.
    The fact that I worked out regularly, played sports, went outside every day, ate most of my meals at home, supplemented aggressively... What was going on?
    I also tested my minerals (hair test) and found I was low in boron, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. 
    Again, strange considering I eat a whole food diet, with the cleanest food I can source, and use plenty of salt.
    So I started a more aggressive targeted supplement and lifestyle protocol, featuring B12, D3, lots of magnesiumfulvic acid (with meals), shots of ACV, and the Wild Man stack (and bull blend). I made sure to stay consistent. 
    I'm making progress, though I still have a way to go. I'm due for another round of blood work to see how the numbers changed. And I'll continue this retesting process every quarter until I get to a place where I'm at 99% for at least 3-6 months.
    From there, as long as I keep the diet clean (and the gut clean), I should be fine on that protocol for the rest of my life.
    I already prioritize sleep, avoid eating out, get a lot of exercise and movement in, and include some stress-reducing protocols like a weekly massage, sauna, reading fiction, getting off social media, etc.
    If something flares up, I can dig a bit deeper with the help of a practitioner who can interpret the data my body provides.
    And when I fall into "maintenance mode," I'll get tested once or twice a year to make sure no abnormalities show up.
    At Wild, we're big on opting out of Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Medical as much as possible.
    We also recommend the "do it yourself" program as much as possible since most of health comes down to your lifestyle habits. And that works for most people most of the time. 
    Sometimes it's not enough. And that's when one should get help from someone specializing in non-big-pharma, non-big-medical solutions.
    Since our Mission at Wild is to help you get and stay as healthy as possible, we've decided to team up with some Wild-approved holistic practitioners specializing in specific root-cause modalities and solutions. 
    The plan is grow a small network of practitioners that we rigorously vet and provide that to you as a trusted resource. 
    We'll be sharing more free content from this network and related helpful health-focused content through this list and our new Wild Practitioner list.
    If you're interested in matching with a practitioner now, you can fill out this short form and I will personally review it with one of the few practitioners we are talking to.
    If you want to join the separate email list where we will share weekly content, complete this form.
    If you've worked with someone in the past that has the same Wild values, feel free to send them to us!