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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Love them mushrooms

    I love how I can blend them with anything, coffee, hot cocoa, smoothie and tea. Or can enjoy plain and it still taste great and heal my body.

    fast service

    I received my order quickly and they even send a little bonus gift.

    5 Blend Mushroom Blend is easier!

    I was using each individual type of mushroom to make my morning smoothies. Now it's easier to use the 5 blend


    The master blend has barley any taste and is great to mix in your favorite drink!!! Have used their cocotropic for over a year now, never get tired of it and keeps me going for work!


    I recently learned that my thyroid is weak, so started putting a heaping Tsp of these powdered mushrooms into my mid day power drinks. I also like it in my morning coffee with raw butter, MTC oil, Macca powder, turmeric, cinnamon powder. It's also delicious!

    Wild Reishi Focus & Boost

    Reishi mushroom is packed with ingredients that may often promote relaxation while sharpening the mind. Plus it may reduce stress and anxiety for it's users. The reishi mushroom has also been used for immune function, offering a boost to help you get well and stay there!

    Wild Chaga Mushroom Power

    Chaga has one of the highest ORAC values of any food, (that's the measure of antioxidant content). With so much antioxidant power, it's what you could call a cornerstone to promoting health. Incorporate this awesome adaptogenic into your daily routine!

    Awakening Cordyceps

    Cordyceps mushrooms have often been used for combating fatigue and general weakness. Help ward off the morning blues, or give yourself that mid-day energy kick with the power of cordyceps!

    Mushroom Blend Resources

    Power Shrooms FAQ's

    How was this extracted? What chemicals are used in the extraction process?
    What are the mushroom's countries of origin?
    Is this product tested for heavy metals and PCB's? How do I know it's safe?
    Are all 3 mushrooms from fruiting bodies?


    Wild Foods specializes in Real Food products from small producers around the world.

    We are obsessed with quality ingredients and their story.

    Our Mission is to help 50 million people live better lives through Real Food ingredients and education.