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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews

    Great to use as part of a mold-binding protocol.


    I always take these after drinking alcohol and I feel great the next day.


    great stuff

    Good products

    I love the tea and the MCT oil

    Our Adult Son says he feels better now.

    It took a day or two and he noticed a marked wellness coming on. He was happy about it last night.

    What is Activated Charcoal?

    Activated charcoal is a natural remedy for trapping toxins and poisons in the human body through the use of millions of tiny pores. These tiny pores have a negative electric charge that bonds with the positive charge of many toxins and gases.

    When coal binds with these damaging substances, it can help them pass through the body without further damage. This is why it is regularly used in hospitals around the world for drug overdoses and other poisonings.

    Activated Charcoal is a Natural Product

    Activated charcoal is made from natural substances, such as coconut shells in the case of Wild Coal. This is a different type than the coal used for grilling. 

    NEVER ingest grilling charcoal… it is full of toxins.

    How to Use Activated Charcoal

    The simplest way to use activated charcoal is to buy it in capsule form and then take a capsule or two before or after a meal or before or after drinking alcohol.

    If you are experiencing gas or gastrointestinal stress from something you ate or drank, take activated charcoal.

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