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    Wild Recipes — Matcha

    Hibiscus Matcha Latte Recipe by Wild Foods

    Hibiscus Matcha Latte Recipe by Wild Foods

    Exploring the Hibiscus Matcha Latte Recipe: A Unique Blend of Health and Flavor

    The Hibiscus Matcha Latte is a unique and healthy twist on the traditional matcha latte.

    It tastes delicious and contains a wealth of nutrients due to its quality ingredients, including wild matcha powder, hibiscus flowers, almond milk, and a dash of wild vanilla powder.

    This beverage is a beautiful fusion of flavors and health benefits that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

    Key Ingredients and Their Benefits

    Wild Matcha Powder

    Matcha is a type of powdered green tea renowned for its health benefits. Its high antioxidant levels can help reduce cell damage and prevent chronic diseases. Matcha is also known to enhance brain function, protect the liver, and promote heart health.

    Almond Milk

    Almond milk, an excellent alternative to dairy milk, is low in calories and rich in healthy fats. It's also a good source of vitamin E, an essential antioxidant for your skin and immune system.

    Wild Vanilla Powder

    The wild vanilla powder adds a sweet, aromatic flavor to the matcha latte, enhancing its overall taste. In addition, vanilla has antioxidant properties and can reduce inflammation.

    Hibiscus Flowers

    Hibiscus flowers bring a tangy yet sweet flavor to the beverage. These flowers are rich in vitamin C and have been found to lower blood pressure, promote liver health, and aid in weight management.

    How to Prepare Your Hibiscus Matcha Latte

    • Creating the Flavor Base: Start by whisking a teaspoon of wild matcha powder with a dash of wild vanilla powder and two teaspoons of hibiscus flowers in a small amount of hot water. This forms a paste-like texture allowing the matcha to absorb the hibiscus flavor fully.
    • Strain the Hibiscus: Remove the flowers once the matcha has absorbed the hibiscus flavor. The removal of the flowers prevents an overpowering floral taste and leaves behind the desired tanginess.
    • Adding Milk: Pour the matcha paste into a mug, and top it with steamed or frothed almond milk. This step transforms the intense matcha paste into a creamy, flavorful latte.

    Make your own Hibiscus Matcha Latte Recipe



    1. Using just a little bit of hot water, whisk matcha along with Hibiscus Flowers and Vanilla Powder until it’s a pasty texture.
    2. Remove Hibiscus after letting the Matcha absorb the flavor.
    3. Pour into mug, and pour steamed/frothed milk over top!

    Tip: If you want some sweetness to your matcha, add a bit of your preferred sweetener. For added nutrition- add a scoop of Collagen or Protein Powder.

    Additional Tips to Enhance Your Matcha Latte

    For those who prefer a sweeter latte, feel free to add a bit of your preferred sweetener.

    Honey, agave syrup, or a sugar substitute can provide a delightful sweetness to balance out the earthy flavors of matcha.

    Additionally, you can enhance the nutritional profile of your beverage by adding a scoop of collagen or protein powder. These supplements can support skin health, joint health, and muscle recovery, respectively.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hibiscus Matcha Latte

    What is Hibiscus Matcha Latte?

    Hibiscus Matcha Latte is a unique drink blending the health benefits and flavors of matcha green tea, hibiscus flowers, almond milk, and vanilla.

    How is Hibiscus Matcha Latte beneficial to health?

    This latte is packed with antioxidants from matcha and hibiscus flowers. Almond milk provides healthy fats and vitamin E, while optional protein powder or collagen can boost nutritional value.

    Can I use a different kind of milk for this latte?

    Yes, any milk you choose can be used to prepare this latte.

    How does the addition of hibiscus flowers affect the taste of this latte?

    Hibiscus flowers add a unique tangy yet sweet flavor to the matcha latte.

    How can I sweeten my Hibiscus Matcha Latte?

    Add your preferred sweetener, such as honey, agave syrup, or a sugar substitute.

    What is the purpose of the wild vanilla powder in this latte?

    Wild vanilla powder enhances the overall taste of the latte and provides antioxidant properties.

    Can I add any supplements to this latte?

    Yes, adding a scoop of collagen or protein powder can enhance the nutritional profile of your beverage.

    How many calories are in a Hibiscus Matcha Latte?

    This depends on the specific brands and portion sizes you use, but generally, it's around 80-100 calories without added sweeteners or supplements.

    Can I drink Hibiscus Matcha Latte every day?

    Due to its beneficial ingredients, it's a healthy beverage that can be enjoyed daily.

    Where can I find hibiscus flowers and wild matcha powder?

    You can find these ingredients in health food stores, some grocery stores, or online.


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    Interesting Facts

    Matcha tea was initially consumed by Buddhist monks in Japan as a form of meditation and to keep them alert during long hours of prayer.

    Hibiscus is also known as "sour tea" due to its tangy taste, and it's consumed in many cultures worldwide for its health benefits.

    Almond milk is one of the most climate-friendly options, with a smaller carbon footprint than cow's milk.

    Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron, due to the labor-intensive cultivation process.

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up about a third of the body's protein content.


    The Hibiscus Matcha Latte is more than just a beverage; it celebrates unique flavors and health benefits.

    Its blend of wild matcha powder, hibiscus flowers, almond milk, and a dash of wild vanilla powder creates a rich, creamy, and nutritious drink you can enjoy any day.

    So why not try your hand at this delightful recipe? Your taste buds and your health will thank you for it.

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