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    Customer Reviews

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    Jamie's wild box

    Everything in my box is a great size, it all tastes very good. You can tell their products are a good quality, worth the money.


    I already had some of the products in the box so it was a great way to stock up & try some new items! Lions Mane is so tasty!

    Wild Collagen

    "Wild Collagen is a great addition to my morning coffee to help promote skin, tendon, and joint strength."

    Wild MCT Oil

    "I love Wild MCT Oil in my morning brew and also use it in my salads."

    Wild Cocoa Butter

    "I use Wild Cocoa Butter in my homemade chocolates and morning coffees."

    Wild Coffee, Sidamo Roast

    My favorite medium roast with a touch of fruity for my morning routine.

    Wild Mushrooms, Lion's Mane

    "Lion's Mane goes into my morning coffee for it's immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties."

    Wild Pink Salt

    "Wild Pink Salt goes in my water and most of my food—both at home and in restaurants!"

    Wild Fish Oil Capsules

    "I use Wild Fish Oil to help fight inflammation and as a daily dose of Omega 3's."