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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Simply Delicious

    I love coconut butter. I have tried several brands. Wild Food's is the best. I love the creamy consistency.

    Tropical Party In My Mouth

    So I was a bit skeptical that this would taste good straight. I kept imagine it being too oily or bland, but I was soooo wrong. This was like pure coconut goodness. Sweet, melt-in-your-mouth, coconut soul.

    This is now my number 1 spread, worth every bit. I think it would even work as a stand-in for cupcake icing. (Yes it’s that good.) I’m legit just eating this straight with a spoon. So should you!

    Coconut butter

    I know the coconut is pure because I know that if you smell a coconut oil product and it don't smell coconutty then it's not the real thing!! And this has the butter taste!! Thats a plus .
    Very good product thanks.

    Wild coconut

    Very good flavor nice texture


    This is hands down the best tasting and textured coconut butter I’ve ever had. I went non dairy and this is the only thing that has successfully replaced my heavy cream for morning coffee. It’s delicious and gives off a sort of creamy satisfying feel. WELL DONE WILD FOODS. Your quality of product is outstanding.

    Taste Of The Tropics

    Just close your eyes and enjoy this 100% organic, naturally sugar free treat with no guilt! Coconut butter is extracted by pureeing the white meat of fresh coconuts then put right in the jar! It's never heated, cooked, or chemically processed, that way you're getting the freshest quality coconut butter possible.

    Wild Coconut Butter really is a melt in your mouth taste of paradise!

    Delicious AND Nutritious

    It's like eating the coconut meat right out of the hard coconut shell, but without all that effort. Containing no additional ingredients and made from dried organic coconut meat, then pureed into a butter, you'll get nothing but the full rich flavor of the coconut. It's a smooth and savory treat right out of the jar!

    Thanks to being naturally packed full of lauric acid and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) Wild Coconut Butter will give you the pure Real Food energy your body needs without polluting it with additives.

    Go Wild With Tasty Treats

    Our Wild Coconut Butter is versatile as a spread, oily paste, or a more solid paste depending on the room temperature. There are lots of delicious ways to enjoy it!

    Add it to a vegetable stir-fry.
    Put it in your morning coffee for a boost!
    Blend some into recipes for a richer flavor.
    Just go for it right from the jar for snacking.
    Discover your own uses and let us know!

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