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    Collagen powder

    I can't put a whole scoop in a cup of coffee. It's just too much in it. One teaspoon is all I can use. A whole scoop might be good for a lot of coffee!
    And it does make blobs that I have to mash out.
    Other than that I do like it.

    Great addition to my day

    I'm in love this! I've been taking it for a bit now and have seen a nice improvement in how my joints feel. This is definitely a permanent addition to my daily routine!

    Good quality product

    I have been using collagen for about two months now, I absolutely love this product! There are no added ingredients- I love that you know exactly what is going into your body. I mix it in my coffee every morning. It blends pretty well, with occasional clumps, doesn't change the taste. My nails have become much stronger! I workout 5-6 days per week and have noticed a significant difference in my muscle recovery as well!

    Excellent product

    I put one scoop in my morning coffee and while I wouldn’t say it’s completely tasteless the slight taste doesn’t bother me at all. If anything I think it enhances the flavor of my coffee. It also dissolves really well. I have only been using it for about a month and haven’t seen a big improvement in my skin and hair but I’m 3 weeks postpartum so hormones could be playing a role as well. I look forward to continue using this product in the future.

    I Enjoy This Coffee

    My wife and I were happy to get this coffee, we enjoy it so much. it was delivered on time and undamaged. The postman enjoyed the aroma while it was in his truck.

    Make Easy Collagen Water

    2 cups of filtered water
    1 scoop of Wild Collagen
    3 slices lime
    3 slices cucumber
    2 sprigs of mint
    Ice cubes

    Combine the water and the collagen in a quart mason jar. Stir until the collagen is completely dissolved.

    Butter Coffee, Shakes, Smoothies

    Add it to everything!

    Since collagen is used in your entire body, it’s no wonder it is finally becoming such a hot supplement Of course, your body produces some collagen on its own. Like everything else though, collagen production often slows with age.

    Wild Collagen Peptides are a fantastic, tasteless addition to all sorts of healthy recipes and a great way to get helpful protein and unique amino acids!

    Collagen Benefits

    Some studies have shown collagen to be effective at treating joint point issues as well as osteoarthritis.

    Collagen may help with building and recovering muscles. Glycine, an amino acid in collagen, is used by your body to convert glucose into fuel for your muscles. Glycine has also been shown to play integral roles in digestion and the function of your central nervous system.

    Oral intake of specific bioactive collagen peptides may reduce skin wrinkles and increase dermal matrix synthesis.

    Wild Collagen Peptides Powder FAQ's
    Why should I take Wild Collagen Peptides?
    Can't I just get collagen from the foods I eat?
    What does Wild Collagen Peptides Powder taste like?
    How many servings am I getting?
    What time of day do I need to take this?
    Collagen and Collagen Peptides - What's the difference?


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