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    Wonderful product dissolves easily no taste easy to use

    Great Product

    I have been using Wild Collagen Peptides for one month, every day. I can already see a difference in the lines in my face and the puffiness around my eyes. It really is a great product and completely tasteless. I put 1 scoop in my coffee every morning and I'm happy to say I can definitely see results!

    It works

    Mild flavor ,blends well with Turmeric & shroom in tea with small whisk . Helps with the joint pain in hips and digestion. Good price. I take half scoop with tea in morning and at night . When I run out, I
    notice big time after a few days. Joint pain gets mean. This Peptide helps a lot along with other daily good nutrition .


    Love the that it has no taste to it! Thank you for a great product!

    Wild collagen

    Easy to use, I have it in my coffee every morning. It mixes in easily and is tasteless. At almost 80 my joints are trouble free. It's one of my staples.

    Make Collagen Water

    2 cups of filtered water
    1 scoop of Wild Collagen
    3 slices lime
    3 slices cucumber
    2 sprigs of mint
    Ice cubes

    Combine the water and the collagen in a quart mason jar. Stir until the collagen is completely dissolved.

    Butter Coffee, Shakes, Smoothies

    Add it to everything!

    Since collagen is used in your entire body, it’s no wonder it is finally becoming such a hot supplement Of course, your body produces some collagen on its own. Like everything else though, collagen production often slows with age.

    Wild Collagen Peptides are a fantastic, tasteless addition to all sorts of healthy recipes and a great way to get helpful protein and unique amino acids!

    Collagen Benefits

    Some studies have shown collagen to be effective at treating joint point issues as well as osteoarthritis.

    Collagen may help with building and recovering muscles. Glycine, an amino acid in collagen, is used by your body to convert glucose into fuel for your muscles. Glycine has also been shown to play integral roles in digestion and the function of your central nervous system.

    Oral intake of specific bioactive collagen peptides may reduce skin wrinkles and increase dermal matrix synthesis.

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