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    reWILD Your Gut Bundle
    reWILD Your Gut Bundle
    reWILD Your Gut Bundle Minerals Wild Foods
    reWILD Your Gut Bundle Minerals Wild Foods
    reWILD Your Gut Bundle Minerals Wild Foods
    reWILD Your Gut Bundle Minerals Wild Foods
    The Gut Bundle

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    “All disease begins in the gut” -Hippocrates

    A Daily Protocol

    The key to gut health is consistency. The reWILD gut protocol helps you add and subtract from your diet so your gut can heal itself naturally. 

    Improve your HCL

    If you had to boil down the majority of gut issues down to a single problem, it would be low stomach acid. Stomach acid is your gut's primary method of digesting food. Low HCL = Low Gut health.

    Gut = Immune System

    They say your immune system is in your gut. They say your gut is your "Second Brain." Only now are we starting to understand the gut's importance in health.

    Morning, Day, Night

    The reWILD Gut stack has built-in daily protocols using leaky gut supplements that also happen to improve overall health. 

    You've Probably Got Leaky Gut

    Leaky gut, also called increased intestinal permeability, is a condition in which the small intestine's lining gets broken. This lets germs, toxins, and undigested food slip through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. Inflammation and several health problems may result from this.

    Poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, and particular medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can all contribute to a leaky gut.

    A leaky gut can cause tiredness, skin problems, joint pain, autoimmune diseases, and digestive problems like bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation.

    Leaky gut can be treated by changing your diet, such as avoiding processed foods, sugar, and gluten and eating more fermented foods and whole foods high in nutrients.

    Heal &  Strengthen Your Gut

    Step #1: Start healing the gut by removing gut-attacking foods (and lifestyle factors).

    Step #2: Make your gut stronger with targeted nutrients, routines, and lifestyle habits.

    reWild Your Microbiome

    Remove toxic foods while adding gut healthy ingredients to give your Microbiota (good gut bugs) what they need to thrive.

    Full Gut Plan

    We help you cut back on gut damaging foods by replacing them with gut supporting foods. Also included is a full lifestyle protocol to help speed up your results.

    Heal Leaky Gut

    Leaky gut is when you have cracks or holes in your gut lining. When your gut is "leaky," food, toxins, and bugs can seep into your bloodstream causing inflammation.

    Eat Less

    Overeating is often a result of the body needing nutrients. When the gut isn't digesting food properly, the body isn't getting the nutrients it needs. The result is overeating.

    The Daily Gut-Healing Protocol

    ☀️ Morning

    Start with a morning Gut Shot: Oxy-Mag, cream of tartar, pink salt, lemon, ACV, charcoal, MB, and dash of MB. Drink in the sun!

    🥗 Lunch

    Take your Pre/Pro before lunch. Throw in a swig of Oxy-Mag to get those gut juices flowing before your gut starts digesting.

    🥘 Dinner

    A dash ACV will prime your gut for the biggest meal of the day. Fight bloat and overeating.

    🌘 Nighttime

    End the day with anighttime gut shot: Oxy-Mag, pink salt, and ACV

    The Gut Heroes

    The Foundational Wild Stack To Help Your Gut Healing Journey

    Oxy-Mag Magnesium Blend

    This concentrated liquid magnesium blend helps you recover quickly while supporting gut health, sleep, and more.

    Uses: Gut shots, recovery, pre-bed, morning, water upgrade

    Pre/Pro w Digestive Enzymes

    Ten research-backed probiotic strains with 20 billion active cultures to help repopulate healthy gut bacteria

    Uses: Gut shots, Shakes, Smoothies, Coffee, Tea

    Master Blend 5x Mushrooms

    Potent prebiotic adaptogen with a host of general heath and gut benefits

    Uses: Gut shots, Shakes, Smoothies, Coffee, Tea

    ❤️ People Love Wild 🦌

    1,000,000+ Customers Served

    reWild Your Gut Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should take Oxy-Mag?

    The typical person has problems with their digestive system. Gut health is the first line of defense against these stresses and the inflammation they cause, ranging from our toxic environs to the poor soil in which our food is grown.

    Oxy-mag helps heal your gut.

    What's in the Master Blend?

    🍄 5x Blend: Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps

    Our mushrooms are grown by farmers who have been producing the world's best mushrooms for generations. Mushrooms are grown in greenhouses where the light, water, and air are controlled to help the mushrooms grow the best they can.

    How many charcoal capsules should I take?

    It depends on how much detoxing you feel you need. You can take 2-4 capsules at a time. We've found Wild Coal great to take when drinking alcohol, eating cheat meals, or otherwise feeling icky after a meal or drink. Taking one each morning is great, too.

    Is the Wild Gut bundle vegan friendly?

    Yes. Completely sourced from plants and soil.

    Can I used activated charcoal as toothpaste?

    While the occasional use of activated charcoal can help whiten teeth and detox gums, it is not recommended for continual daily use due to its abrasive properties. We suggest sticking with a natural toothpaste and supplementing with activated charcoal on occasion.

    What's in the Prebiotic/Probiotic?

    Ten research-backed strains of soil-based probiotic strains with 20 billion active cultures to help repopulate healthy gut bacteria to support healthy digestion, immunity, and reduced cramping/bloating while providing essential digestive enzymes that promote gut, skin, and hair health.

    The Wild Sourcing Standard

    We source directly from trusted, long standing suppliers and farmers to get the best ingredients

    Farmer and Labor Friendly

    Fair wages that support farmers and their workers.

    Whole Foods Only

    We only source WHOLE REAL FOODS for our products.

    Gut Allergen Free

    No gluten, artificial flavors, dyes, or preservatives.

    Small is Better

    By sourcing in small batches from small producers, we support those doing food the right way. 

    The Wild Difference & Guarantee

    Whole Foods

    Our philosophy is Mother Nature knows best, so we stay out of her way so she can do her thang!

    Science + Nature

    By utilizing principles of biology, we develop products to support your longterm health.


    We are obsessed with health and longevity. Everything we do is rooted in this obsession.

    100% Happiness Guarantee

    Return any unopened product within 180 days for a full refund

    The Wild Mission

    We help you take your health into your own hands—escape big food, big pharma, and the broken status quo designed to keep you sick and living in fear.

    • Only Real Ingredients

      We are dedicated to bringing you the best ingredients so you can support your healthy lifestyle.

    • The Wild Guarantee: If we don't use it, we don't sell it.

      Only if I'll give it to my kids will I offer it to you. -Colin, Founder

    • Always free from

      NO Gluten, Soy, Artificial ingredients, Fillers or other nonsense