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    DO NOT PURCHASE- does not seal and company does not back up their products

    It saddens me write this review. I made a $370 purchase from Wild Crew and the water bottle was faulty. Something they claim to already know about yet have a way to try to rig it to seal that seems to work for Nicole in customer service. However, her secret trick to make it seal did not work on the bottle I received.

    They will probably never let the public see it. The bottle does not seal. When I reported the faulty product they told me they have the same frustrations with the bottle but have figured out a way to make it work. I tried their secret way and it did not do as they claimed. They refused to pay for return shipping, send a replacement cap, or replacement bottle, and even made returning it a challenge. Once I sent the bottle I was not refunded and it was never acknowledged that they received it until a few days after I reached out to them. When they finally responded with the refund they carried on about how it’s not their responsibility to back up their products that were damaged during shipping (that was never the issue not had it ever been stated like that in any of the previous messages). When I questioned her about that statement she responded by telling she mixed up return with someone else’s as it is true that my water bottle was faulty. Then blamed her inability to refund my return shipping for her default product because the water bottle was a part of a larger purchase!

    They do not back up their products and customer service has nothing to do with customer service. From someone who just purchased $370 worth of products, they have no desire to make things right in hopes that I might continue to make $370 purchases. Funny thing is that I keep getting regular requests to give them a review! Seriously!

    Ready For Your Wildest Adventures

    Maybe you're planning a safari trip. Maybe it's the cross-country roadtrip you've been dreaming of since your teens. Maybe the wildest part of your day is shuttling the kids to and from sports practice and music lessons. Or perhaps you're simply surviving a work commute, your hectic work week, or an errand-full weekend.

    Whatever you're up to, our stylish Wild Howler Bottle is ready to keep you hydrated along your most wildest of journeys. (And it fits nicely in cupholders too!)

    Why Does BPA-Free Matter?

    BPA stands for bisphenol A, it's an industrial chemical. Research has suggested that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with this chemical.

    This is concerning because health effects from BPA may harm many parts of the body—from the brain to the prostate gland. Perhaps even causing increase in blood pressure. It's believed to mimic estrogen in the body causing disruption in the endocrine system.

    At Wild Foods, we're Wild about food and health. So all of our containers, and any plastic drinkware, are always BPA-free!

    Stay Hydrated

    Fill up your Wild Howler Bottle before leaving home and have refreshment with you on the go!

    Our 32oz bottle has an interior of medical grade stainless steel, which means you will never get flavor transfers or metal aftertaste.

    Plus, the double wall vacuum insulation technology ensures it's keeping your cold drinks cold 24+ hours and hot drinks (or soups) hot up to 12 hours. Enjoy your day!