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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    These Cacao Nibs are the best I have had thus far. I love this company!!


    I used to buy very pricey raw nibs from the health food store and Wild's nibs are just as good if not better and their prices are far superior! I use these in my oatmeal, smoothies and granola! Will continue to buy.


    I prefer Wild Food's Cacao nibs. There are three top brands I purchase . And Wild foods is on top of that list. Eat everyday with my green granola. < Nuts-seeds- A.M. Grass- with coconut oil and sometimes a good pinch cocoa powder . Topped fruit of choice.

    Definitely different.

    This is not sweet at all but has the crunch mentioned in its description. A slightly bitter taste that will grow on you as you realize its benefits. I use it on salads but you can use it anywhere you would like a bit of crunch. The nutrients are worth the purchase and adjustment to the taste.

    Add a Crunch To Smoothies

    Blend some raw nibs into your smoothies and shakes to enjoy a delicious, healthy "crunch."

    Homemade Chocolate Recipes

    Nothing but 100% raw cocoa nibs.

    100% naturally delicious!

    Small Batch Fair Trade Cocoa From Peru

    Support small family farmers that grow their cocoa with respect to nature and with respect to your health.

    Cocoa is hand grown, hand harvested and hand processed, with each nuanced step providing more opportunity to get it right (or get it wrong) during the producing process.

    Our skilled cocoa farmers have been growing artisan cocoa for multiple generations.

    Wild Raw Nibs Resources

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    How can I use cocoa nibs?
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    Is this kind of chocolate fattening?
    What's the carb count and other nutritional information for Wild Raw Nibs?
    I've heard about cadmium and lead levels in chocolate. What are we looking at with Wild Nibs?
    Are these pasturized? How do we know were not going to get sick from handling/picking?
    Do these have soy/soy lecithin in them?