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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 70 reviews
    High quality cocoa butter!!

    This cocoa butter exceeded my expectations. The flavor is intense and it melts easily. I love to melt it in my morning coffee for a delicious cocoa flavor & a nice amount of fat (blending it in my morning coffee produces a nice frothy head on it).


    Wild Cocoa Butter is so smooth and creamy just love how moisturizing this is on my skin. I apply it on my lips, elbows, hands, feet and face . Yet another Wild food product I can't live without.

    Melts well....

    My sample box was dropped off while I was out of town, on a hot day. When I opened it it was melted :) No worries though, I just used a spoon and added it to my coffee. Good stuff!

    Wild about Wild Cocoa Butter Wafers

    I love using Wild Cocoa Butter Wafers in my keto beverages & receipes, and also on my skin. I have ordered twice from Wild Foods and each time I received totally Awesome products and great customer service.

    Wild Cocoa Butter

    Can't have my coffee with out it! I love this product.

    Scratch Made Recipes

    Raw artisan cocoa butter is a versatile ingredient for all kinds of make delicious and nutritious homemade chocolate recipes.

    Butter Coffee, Shakes, Smoothies

    Add a spoonful of Wild Cocoa Butter to add a delicious chocolate flavor while rounding out your drinks with healthy fat and clean calories your body and brain will use for fuel.

    Food Grade and Skin Grade

    Wild Cocoa Butter is suitable for both internal and external use. Use it to make homemade body butters, conditioner, moisturizer, lip balms, and more!

    Wild Cocoa Butter Resources

    Wild Cocoa Butter FAQ's

    What form does the cocoa butter come in?
    How do I use cocoa butter?
    Is your cocoa butter processed in a nut-free facility?
    How much does one Wild Cocoa Butter Wafer disc measure out to be?
    Are these sweetened? And if so, with what?
    How long does an open package of Wild Cocoa Butter last?