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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Keto Magic

    These are a staple in my keto kitchen! I use them in all things dessert. Even if I’m following a recipe, I’ll add these. Some people say they have a white chocolate flavor- It’s not overpowering. Note that these take longer to melt versus chocolate, butter, or coconut oil (so I always melt these first then add ingredients). 6 disks is about 1 oz., such a great quality product. Thank you!

    Perfect for coffee!

    I love that this raw cocoa butter is in wafers - very easy to grab 3 or 4 to put in my coffee. Thanks for such a high quality product!

    Cocoa butter is the real deal!

    I love these cocoa butter wafers. They have a wonderfully rich and creamy flavor. I use them in several things but my favorite is my butter coffee. The flavor is so much better than anything else on the market.

    Insanely tasty (cocoa) butter coffee on the horizon!

    Food-grade cocoa butter is curiously difficult to find, and I've been wanting to try cocoa butter in a ton of applications--especially in bulletproof coffee (butter coffee) and in homemade, sugar-free chocolates. Even before I opened the package, I could smell the sweet, deep aroma of cocoa, and honestly couldn't wait to try it out. First, I did try just a small bite of a disc of cocoa butter, which I only did for review purposes, and honestly wouldn't recommend--cocoa butter doesn't really melt at body temperature, so it's not a pleasant, melty kind of feel from chocolate (this is just how all cocoa butter is), but it did taste rich, like bittersweet vanilla-cocoa. The wafers weigh between 2-3 g each, so that 4-5 wafers equals a tablespoon (13g), the serving size for oils. From what I can see, all the discs look whole and handled with care. I made a butter coffee this morning using 3 wafers (6g/.5 T) of cocoa butter, 1 T of butter, 12 oz of coffee, sugarfree vanilla syrup, and a dash of cinnamon, blended in a Vitamix until frothy--it was HEAVENLY. The cocoa butter taste clearly came through but wasn't overpowering at all. And I only used 1/5 oz, which means that, in a 4 oz pouch, I'll probably get around 20 cocoa butter coffees out of this. I haven't had a chance to try my hand at homemade sugarfree chocolate--but the cool folks at Wild Foods sent a recipe for some, so I'm going to embark on that adventure this weekend! PLUS, they sent a free Wild Mini of really delicious green tea, plus some a cute little moose sticker. It's a silly thing that I'm a sucker for, but they also wrote a little personalized thank you on my receipt--it's just a small touch, but it shows that a company cares about each individual order they receive, and I like doing business with those kinds of folks. I received this cocoa butter at a discount for me to provide an honest review of it, and I'll definitely be a repeat customer... for the cocoa butter, at the very least!

    heroic cocotropic!

    Just sooooooo delicious!

    Scratch Made Recipes

    Raw artisan cocoa butter is a versatile ingredient for all kinds of make delicious and nutritious homemade chocolate recipes.

    Butter Coffee, Shakes, Smoothies

    Add a spoonful of Wild Cocoa Butter to add a delicious chocolate flavor while rounding out your drinks with healthy fat and clean calories your body and brain will use for fuel.

    Food Grade and Skin Grade

    Wild Cocoa Butter is suitable for both internal and external use. Use it to make homemade body butters, conditioner, moisturizer, lip balms, and more!

    Wild Cocoa Butter Resources

    Wild Cocoa Butter FAQ's

    What form does the cocoa butter come in?
    How do I use cocoa butter?
    Is your cocoa butter processed in a nut-free facility?
    How much does one Wild Cocoa Butter Wafer disc measure out to be?
    Are these sweetened? And if so, with what?
    How long does an open package of Wild Cocoa Butter last?