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    Wild Blog — Recipes

    Keto Chipotle Bowl Recipe | Homemade With Simple Ingredients

    ​Logan from FusionLean.com and @KetoLikeJamie (Jamie Stuckert) is on a mission to share the simplest and quickest keto and paleo recipes to help you on your health journey.

    Today they’re making a keto version of Chipotle’s delicious bowl bursting with Mexican spices and lots of flavors​.

    ​We now ​carry a super convenient Wild Bone Broth Powder, which can be​ combined with water for some quick, nutritious bone broth, ​that’s​ always ready to use and enjoy! So grab that, and the Wild Pink Salt they used right ​in our Wild Shop.

    ​We hope you all love this recipe and be sure to let us know if you make this yummy Homemade Keto Chipotle goodness.

    Benefits of Wild Cocoa Nibs: A Healthy Toast Recipe

    ​Cocoa nibs are minimally processed parts of the cocoa bean. Our Wild Raw Cocoa Nibs are unsweetened but still taste like chocolate, which is why they make the perfect guilt-free snack.

    Cocoa nibs have tons of benefits. ​Watch to learn about ​some of those benefits and ​a delicious recipe for guilt-free Reese’s toast.

    Looking to try Wild Raw and Sweet Nibs yourself now? Check them out right here among “chocolate” in our Shop.

    Concentration and Mood Boosting Shake | Reishi, Chaga, Turmeric, Maca and Cocoa

    Our Cocotropic is a delicious blend of Reishi, Chaga, Turmeric, Maca, and Cocoa. The result is a mood-boosting and concentration improving elixir, which can be used in just about anything.

    In this video, we show how to use it in an incredibly ​nutritious and rich shake!

    If you want to know more about each Wild product, we have FAQ’s on each product page and all sorts of helpful resources.

    You can find the Wild ingredients used in this Cocotropic Concentration and Mood Boosting Shake, right here.​


    Low-carb Chocolate Chip Cookies | Keto & Paleo Recipe

    Ready to satisfy a cookie craving?! It’s time to go Wild with this delicious paleo and a keto-friendly recipe for low-carb chocolate chip cookies!

    These healthy recipes are great alternatives for the garbage snack foods and treats that are out there. We can’t recommend this enough – make everything at home and homemade.

    Watch now for this tasty recipe and get baking…

    Our goal is to help promote health and wellness while offering Real Food ingredients to be used in making really ​delicious, homemade recipes.

    ​Grab a bag of the Wild Kosher Flake Salt that Jamie used in the recipe and bake up your delicious batch of cookies.