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    Wild Blog — Recipes

    How To Make Butter Coffee

    I start each day with a morning routine. You should too.

    While every routine is different, mine consists of walking, reading, gratitude practice, breath meditation, and The Wild Butter Brew.

    Each of these is integral for starting the day off right, but it’s the morning brew of Wild Coffee, Pastured butter, Wild MCT Oil, and some Wild Chocolate and Vanilla that I look forward to most.

    The healthy fats from the pastured butter, Wild MCT oilWild Chocolate Powder, combined with the antioxidant punch of Wild Vanilla and a dash of cinnamon, provide me with the fuel my brain and body need to get crushing. (Plus, it helps me fast. I follow the Leangains IF protocol of an 8-hour feeding window.)

    Learn how to make butter coffee inside the Wild Foods Guide To Coffee!

    How To Make Butter Espresso

    Butter coffee is already a popular thing. You can see our signature butter coffee recipe here.

    The thing is, most recipes call for a typical pot of hot coffee blended with butter.

    For whatever reason, I’ve never heard or seen anyone make or suggest buttered espresso.

    And after experimenting a bit in the kitchen, it’s not the easiest thing to make, so I guess that makes sense.

    But man, is it good!

    It wasn’t until I bought a little espresso machine for home that I started experimenting with butter espresso.

    Before getting to the recipe, here are some tips:

    • Let the butter sit out for a few minutes at room temperature. If it’s too cold, it won’t completely blend, and you’ll end up with (delicious) chunks of butter in your espresso.
    • Blend for 30-60 seconds. Because there is such a small amount of liquid in espresso, it takes some time to fully blend the butter, and form the emulsions.
    • Test amounts of butter. I’ve successfully used up to 2 tablespoons of butter in a double shot of espresso. I find that 1 TBSP is plenty. Test and figure out what you like.
    • Use unsalted pastured butter, like Kerry Gold.

    Optional ingredients you can add to make your own butter espresso concoctions:

    How To Make Keto Collagen Coffee

    ​Collagen makes up as much as 70% of the protein in your skin and as much as approximately 33% of the protein in your body. It plays a big role in promoting healthy and strong bones, skin, hair, and nail growth.

    It helps give your skin elasticity and is like “glue” holding parts of your body together.

    Our non-GMO, dairy-free Wild Collagen is an unflavored ​powder that makes it perfect for adding to many recipes, particularly protein shakes, smoothies, and this Wild Collagen Coffee!

    Grab those Wild ingredients right here​:

    And enjoy your healthy Collagen Coffee packed with ​gut-friendly amino acids to help your body power through your day!