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    The King of Mushrooms: Reishi

    Known for its medicinal purposes in Chinese medicine, Reishi mushroom has active ingredients that promote relaxation, concentration as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

    Also known to boost your immune system, it's one of those ingredients that you just can't get enough of!

    Make Mushroom Tonics

    Use hot coffee or tea as a base, throw in a dash of Wild Cocoa, Wild Cocoa Butter, and blend up with some reishi and other mushrooms to create a delicious and nutritious longevity elixir.

    Reishi Lemon Tea Recipe

    8 ounces Hot Water
    ½ tsp Wild Shroom #1 Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder
    3 slices Lemon
    ½ tsp Raw Honey
    ½ tsp Cinnamon

    1. Combine the Wild Shroom, Lemon slices and Honey in a cup.
    2. Heat water until steaming.
    3. Pour it into the cup and cover to steep for 3 minutes.
    4. Stir and sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy!