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    SUMMER WARNING: Wild Cocoa Butter Wafers, Raw & Organic Ingredients Wild Foods 16oz
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    Real Foods

    Raw, organic, unrefined, non-deodorized.


    Contains healthy fats and antioxidants

    Body & Hair

    Packed with body-friendly vitamin E.

    Farmer Friendly

    Food-grade sourced from small farms.

    Raw & Organic Cocoa Butter Wafers


    With natural SPF, skip the chemical-laden sunscreen and let nature protect you


    Cold processed: cold pressing at slow speeds to control temperature and keep product integrity intact


    Only ONE Ingredient: 100% raw organic cocoa butter


    Naturally rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, making it a fantastic skincare product you can also eat

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2743 reviews
    Patsy Gantt
    Do not order in summer

    I bought 4 bags of wafers bc they are convenient at home and handy to take while traveling. I was planning to share 1 bag with a friend. Sadly all 4 came not as wafers but melted blocks of cocoa. The only thing I could do was grate the blocks. It not only was a difficult task, it made a greasy mess on my counters. I love the health benefits of this in my coffee and smoothies and the taste is the WildFoods brand was excellent; but will never order from them again bc of the melting during shipment. Will sadly be forced to buy whatever brand I can find in my local store. Good product but poor shipping.

    Wendy D
    Love these

    I love these in my coffee! Quality product!

    Amazon Customer

    i use these to create my salves

    Amazon Customer
    great for salves

    i use these to create my salves

    Jeffrey Burley

    Works well for what I need it for. Stays firm at room temperature yet dissolves nicely when used.

    Cocoa Butter Frequently Asked Questions

    What form does the Cocoa Butter come in?

    Come in wafer discs easy for melting, cooking, and adding to Butter coffee and drinking chocolate recipes. Raw, Organic, Unrefined (non-deodorized), Fair Trade certified and mixed-origin from South America and West Africa depending on availability.

    Are these sweetened?

    Nope! Just 100% cocoa butter.

    How do I use Cocoa Butter?

    Cocoa butter is a versatile product most commonly used for skin and hair care products. It's also an amazing food product, one of the most stable fats in the world in fact, and is what gives chocolate its smooth and silky chocolate flavor. Check out our How To Make Homemade Chocolate recipe.

    Is Cocoa Butter healthy?

    We def think so. Cocoa butter is a natural oil derived from cocoa beans. It has a high content of antioxidants and is considered to be healthy because it is a good source of unsaturated fatty acids.

    Does this product have any additives?

    Nooo friggin way

    Is this product vegan-friendly?

    Yes. Cocoa butter is 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly. It is from plants!

    Is Cocoa Butter better than Coconut Oil?

    They both rock.

    All about Cocoa Butter

    What is Cocoa Butter?

    Cocoa butter is a type of vegetable oil that is extracted from cocoa beans. It is used in various products, including chocolate, cosmetics, and cooking oil. Cocoa butter has a smooth, creamy texture and a rich flavor. Cocoa butter has a variety of uses, both in the kitchen and in cosmetics.

    Cocoa butter has a high concentration of saturated fat, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds such as flavonols and phenolic acids. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature but liquefies when it warms up. This property makes it perfect for use in products that need to melt on the skin, such as body lotions or lip balms. 

    Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer and can be used to treat dry skin and lips. It can also be used to protect the skin from sun damage. Cocoa butter has anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve minor skin irritations.

    To use cocoa butter:

    Apply it to the desired skin area.
    Massage it in until it is fully absorbed.
    Add cocoa butter to your bathtub for a luxurious, relaxing experience.

    Cocoa Butter Benefits

    Cocoa butter can be a vegan alternative to butter or other animal-based fats when cooking. It can be used for baking, frying, or a spread. Cocoa butter can also be added to smoothies or used in homemade chocolate recipes.

    In cosmetics, cocoa butter is often used as a moisturizer. It is believed to have antioxidant properties and help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Cocoa butter can also be used as a lip balm or homemade soap.

    How To Use Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa butter can be added to your beauty and food recipes. It can be melted and added to creams, lotions, and lip balms. It can also be melted and combined with other ingredients to make a blend, like a beeswax, to make a cream that will hold its shape. 

    Or, you can combine cocoa butter with other ingredients and melt it again, then pour the resulting blend into molds to make things like chocolate bars or other decorative treats! When using cocoa butter in food recipes, keep it below 104 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid forming trans fats.

    Cocoa Butter Beauty Products

    Cocoa butter is a beautiful addition to creams and lotions. It has a thick, creamy texture, which makes it easy to incorporate into your products. It's a great source of antioxidants and moisturizing, so it's a great addition to any skincare routine. 

    You can use cocoa butter to make a soothing balm for irritated skin or add it to your favorite face cream to boost antioxidants. Cocoa butter also makes a great addition to bath products. You can use it to make your bath salts or add them to a bath oil like coconut oil.

    Cocoa Butter Recipes

    Cocoa butter is an excellent addition to frostings, truffles, and other treats that you want to be rich and creamy. You can use it to enhance the flavor of baked goods or add it to your coffee for an extra chocolatey boost.

    You can also incorporate cocoa butter into your daily diet by adding it to your smoothies or supplementing it. Cocoa butter is an excellent addition to baked goods because it has a high melting point, which keeps your treats from getting unappetizingly messy.

    You can add cocoa butter to your baked goods by replacing some of the fats in the recipe with cocoa butter or by adding it to the recipe as cocoa butter chips. Mix cocoa butter with other ingredients to create a blend, like a coconut oil, that will impart an intense chocolate flavor.

    Here are some ideas for how to use cocoa butter in your cooking:

    Add cocoa butter to your morning smoothie for an extra energy boost
    Make a healthy chocolate pudding with cocoa butter, almond milk, and honey
    Use cocoa butter in place of butter or oil when baking
    Add a scoop of cocoa butter to your coffee for a delicious mocha flavor.

    Cocoa butter is worth considering if you're looking for a natural way to improve your skin health. It has many benefits for your skin, but you can add it to coffee and incorporate it into your recipes!

    Cocoa Butter Research

    Cacao butter is an excellent food product for anyone on a plant-based diet or looking to add more healthy saturated fats. Despite the word butter, it is in the name, and the fat is entirely plant-based and vegan, coming only from the cacao beans. This fat, cocoa butter and cacao butter are plant-based sources of saturated and unsaturated fats (meaning cacao butter is vegan). 

    Cocoa butter contains:

    About 60% saturated fats (palmitic, stearic, lauric, and myristic acids).
    35% monounsaturated fats (oleic acids).
    1% polyunsaturated fats (linoleic acids).

    Cacao butter is also incredibly high in oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid, all essential antioxidants that boost a healthy lifespan and may help lower the risk of stroke. Studies show that cacao butter may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and inflammation when consumed as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

    Cacao butter contains healthy fats that may help keep the heart healthy, ease depression, lower cancer risk, and improve brain function.

    In terms of your diet, cacao butter benefits include giving you healthy fatty acids that can help your immune system, cardiovascular health, brain function, and appetite control. The benefits of cacao butter are also available quickly by eating it as chocolate, which is why most people prefer to access these health benefits. 

    Studies have shown that cacao beans are a good source of antioxidants because they have a lot of polyphenols and flavonoids. Most studies have focused on cacao powder, which has particular properties that may contribute to skin health. As awareness about the benefits of using cacao has grown recently, researchers have identified effective ingredients, compounds called phytochemicals, responsible for such an efficient boost to skin and body health.

    According to the data, the phytochemicals in cacao can provide various anti-inflammatory health benefits, both for heart and skin health. Several polyphenols and antioxidants may benefit good skin health, such as reducing inflammation and protecting skin against sun damage. Cocoa contains several antioxidants called polyphenols, a group of chemicals that come from plants, with many potential health benefits.

    Cocoa beans are so rich in antioxidants that even after separating the bean's solids, there are enough antioxidants left in cocoa butter to provide health benefits, including reduced inflammation, skin care, heart health, and immune system improvement. Polyphenolic components found in cacao butter have been shown in some studies to help reduce the inflammatory markers involved in atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), so cacao is now considered an anti-inflammatory food.

    Research shows that the polyphenols of cacao butter have several positive indicators of skin health, including increased elasticity and skin tone, better preservation/production of collagen, and better hydration. Not only is cocoa butter highly resistant to going foul rancid, but cacaos fat composition also makes it ideal for maintaining moisture, accounting for its ability to help the skin smooth away stretch marks and heal scars.

    Raw cacao butter, sometimes labeled as pure, is not heated very hot in manufacturing processes. Raw cacao butter typically keeps more healthy fats and compounds in cacao beans.

    Refined cocoa butter strips out its fragrance and color, making it easier to include in beauty recipes without standing out. So when you purchase pre-made cocoa butter products, you often get the Refined Cocoa Butter version. Refining cocoa butter is also sometimes added to recipes by chocolate makers or chocolate makers when they want something other than a strong cacao flavor and fragrance that will clash with their other flavors.

    Deodorized cacao butter is often used in cosmetics because it does not have the most robust cacao flavor.

    Add cacao butter to recipes - including those dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly - or create keto-friendly chocolate bars and snacks. The good fats, hormone-regulating properties, and magnesium in cacao butter combine to make this one of the foods that'll get your blood pumping.

    The Wild Difference

    Whole Foods

    Our philosophy is Mother Nature knows best, so we stay out of her way so she can do her thang!

    Science + Nature

    By utilizing principles of biology, we develop products to support your longterm health.


    We are obsessed with health and longevity. Everything we do is rooted in this obsession.

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    By sourcing in small batches from small producers, we support those doing food the right way. 

    The Wild Mission

    We help you take your health into your own hands so you can escape big food, big pharma, and the broken status quo designed to keep you sick and living in fear.

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