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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    favorite moisturizer

    I started using this on my belly when I was pregnant and have now gifted it to many new moms, friends and fam. Now during the winter months it keeps my dry skin super moist during the dry season. I love the smell too!

    Lovely product

    I love the Majestically Raw Butter. I put in on my skin right after a bath. I feel pampered, it smells great and my skin feels so soft. I live in the cold, dry north where dry skin is ubiquitous. This product helps! I would highly recommend it.

    Great Skin Care

    This product works well. It is very soothing and leaves your skin smooth. It smells good too.

    Awesome stuff

    Thank you. Love the smell too.

    My skin stays soft and hydrated

    I've been using this for about a week now and am amazed at how well it locks in my skin's moisture. Living in Las Vegas, the heart of the Mojave Desert, sucks the moisture out of everyone, no matter what time of year. I'm impressed with how supple my skins feels hours after the application. I also love that there are only a handful of all natural ingredients in this product. Definitely plan to re-order!

    Luxurious Butter For Your Skin

    The mild rosemary, citrus, and lemongrass scents in this decadent body butter give new meaning to luxury. Your skin will feel pampered and hydrated for hours after application.

    This fluffy bath butter improves circulation, squashes stretch marks, and helps in anti-aging efforts.

    Delights From The Dead Sea

    Thanks to the high volume of rich minerals found in Dead Sea Salt, this natural body scrub rejuvenates your skin while healing and nourishing it.

    The natural and carefully blended ingredients help ease inflammation, reduce pigmentation issues caused from breakouts, along with preventing and treating current breakouts.

    Wild And Raw Skincare

    When you're using bath and body products that are made with real, natural ingredients - free from parabens and synthetic ingredients - you can know that you're cleansing and nourishing your body in the best way possible!

    Majestically Made Skincare products are made with Wild Foods ingredients!
    You know this means quality you can count on. And your skin will thank you as you treat yourself to a spa-worthy experience, right at home!

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