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    Sambucus Elderberry With Vitamin C and Zinc, 3-in-1 Daily Immune Support  Wild Foods
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    Non-GMO & Gluten-Free. Formulated following strict cGMP guidelines to ensure optimal purity and potency.


    If you don’t love your results with our Wild Elderberry, simply return your order for a refund within 60 days.


    Wild Food's Elderberry supports a healthy immune system with 100% natural Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc.


    Wild Elderberry with Vitamin C and Zinc contains antioxidants and flavonoids to fight free-radicals and support the immune system.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 114 reviews
    Amy A

    I've been taking this supplement for almost two years for immune support, along with some mushroom powder, after getting COVID-19. It's always hard to know if something like this is really helping, but I can attest that I've stayed healthy ever since. It's easy to take (one capsule a day) and I trust this company (I've used several of their other products in the past).

    That Girl

    We took these all Winter & had NO sickness. Winter is low Vit D season, but add elderberry & help fight that flu bug. No more flu shots for us.

    The Old Rhino

    Great Quality


    They are not scientifically altered. Which I don't need I would rather have the pure stuff. we don't need all those chemical for are bodies we need food-grade things. I hope that you agree with me if not that is your right

    Amazon Customer

    Like the price for a high quality supplement

    Elderberry Capsules Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the health benefits of elderberry?

    Elderberry can boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and potentially lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

    What are the potential side effects of consuming elderberry?

    Possible side effects of elderberry consumption include digestive issues, headache, and allergic reactions.

    Is elderberry safe for children?

    Elderberry is generally considered safe for children, but it is recommended to consult a pediatrician before administering it.

    What forms of elderberry are available?

    Elderberry is available in various forms, including capsules, gummies, syrups, and teas.

    How much elderberry should be taken daily?

    The recommended daily dosage of elderberry supplements varies depending on the form, but generally ranges from 500 to 1500 mg per day.

    Are there any drug interactions with elderberry?

    Elderberry may interact with certain medications, such as diuretics and immunosuppressants. Consult a doctor before taking elderberry if taking prescription medications.

    Are there any precautions to consider when taking elderberry supplements?

    Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid elderberry supplements, and it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking elderberry supplements if one has an autoimmune disorder or undergoing chemotherapy.

    Elderberry Research

    What is elderberry?

    Elderberry is a shrub or small tree with purple berries, white flowers, and yellow-green leaves. It thrives in damp, sunny, and humid areas with neutral, acidic soil. Elderberry is a natural remedy with many health benefits. It offers several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can keep you healthy and protect you from various ailments like flu, colds, allergies, and other infections.

    Elderberry has so many medicinal properties that it's also known as Sami Vid or Sami Hoomer—the traditional healer of the Northern Hemisphere. Let's examine why elderberry is so famous for its healing properties.

    What are the health benefits of elderberry?

    Elderberry is a diverse shrub with many health benefits. The berries are high in antioxidants, which may help reduce risks for specific modern ailments.

    Elderberries have many health benefits. They are rich in Vitamin C and anthocyanin. Vitamin C is essential for maintaining good health. It boosts the immune system and protects the body from oxidative stress.

    Anthocyanin is a natural antioxidant that prevents various modern ailments. Elderberries are also a good source of dietary fiber and iron, which are necessary for good health. It can also help lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure in healthy individuals. It is practical support to remedy cold and flu, allergies, indigestion, diarrhea, cough, asthma, and constipation.

    Elderberries can also be used to make jams, syrups, juices, and wines. It can be used to make healthy smoothies as well. Elderberry extract is sold as a dietary supplement in capsule form. You can also take elderberries as a tea to enjoy its health benefits.

    Some of the other benefits of elderberry include:

    1) Elderberry is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Studies have shown that elderberry can reduce inflammation in the body by inhibiting the production of cytokines, which are inflammatory proteins. 

    2) Elderberry can help improve blood flow. Studies have found that elderberry can improve blood flow by increasing the production of nitric oxide and prostacyclin, two essential hormones that increase blood flow.

    3) Elderberry can help improve cognitive function. Studies have shown that elderberry can enhance cognitive function by increasing brain cell growth and preventing damage to the brain.

    4) Elderberry can help reduce anxiety and stress levels. Studies have found that elderberry can reduce anxiety and stress levels by relieving symptoms such as mood swings, restlessness, and insomnia.

    5) Elderberry is beneficial for overall health. Aside from its many health benefits

    Elderberry Research

    Some animal data suggest elderberry may help maintain healthy blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, and cell health in the cardiovascular system. Elderberry can help support healthy blood sugar levels and a healthy metabolism, which also, in turn, promotes better cardiovascular health. 

    There is compelling scientific evidence that diets high in flavonoids, such as those found in elderberries, may support heart health and a healthy cardiovascular system.

    Because elderberries are high in three flavanols- natural compounds found in plants with antioxidant properties- they can aid heart health. Elderberries are not just nutritious; they can help address common cold and flu symptoms, maintain heart health and combat inflammation and infections, among other benefits. Many people use elderberries to strengthen their immune systems against infections and diseases such as the common cold and the flu.

    Elderberries are helpful because they contain antioxidant pigments, which support your immune system and can keep the flu viruses from reproducing within our bodies. Elderberries are loaded with antioxidants; many think they may ease a cold, combat flu, and strengthen your immune system. 

    Elderberry fruits also contain flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties and may help prevent cellular damage, and anthocyanidins, which are chemical compounds known for their immune-boosting properties. 

    With elderberry's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it makes sense it could help treat sinus problems and diseases related to respiratory health. Elderberry's immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent natural treatment for allergy symptoms. Elderberry can aid in improving your system against the common cold and flu because of its antioxidant, vitamin, mineral, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Elderberry is used in folk medicine for treating colds and flu due to its antioxidant properties that help to decrease inflammation and effects of colds and influenza. Elderberry is an antioxidant-rich purple berry that has been used in folk traditions to treat colds, along with various other ailments. Less than just a berry, elderberry is used in supplements to help with symptoms such as flu, chills, and fever.

    For instance, these purple berries boost immune system health and protect your heart. Elderberries are rich in Vitamin C (up to 55% of your daily need), which helps naturally support your immune health.

    Elderberries are antioxidant-laden, vitamin- and mineral-rich berries that aid your immune system and are highly effective at reducing the severity of common colds and fevers. The berries may also decrease inflammation, which may protect against chronic disease. 

    The dietary fiber in elderberries can also improve nutrient absorption efficiency, particularly in your gut, helping you get more from the foods you eat. The berries can be used in a syrup for medicinal purposes, which can have potential health benefits.

    Elderberries provide several vitamins and nutrients that can benefit the health of individuals. The same is true for elderberry syrup, which boosts the body's antioxidant levels and helps combat sickness. The antioxidant activities of elderberries also help to promote vision health over a more extended period. Along with supporting cell health,studiesshow that the antioxidants and phytochemicals found in elderberries may also potentially support healthy immune functions.

    A rich source of antioxidants known as anthocyanins, elderberries are said by some to be effective for treating the common cold, influenza, constipation, hay fever, and sinus infections. Elderberries provide a wide range of immune-boosting antioxidants, including vitamins A, B, and C. Immune-boosting antioxidants may help to maintain your immune system strength and enable you to better fight infections, like common viruses such as the common cold or the flu. 

    Elderberry is a type of tea that can help our immune system, cleanse our bodies, aid inflammation, and ease the pains of a cold and cough. Elderberry Juice Syrup has been used as a home treatment to cure a common cold and the common flu caused by a viral infection.

    When taken as a concentrated extract, elderberries offer a convenient boost to antioxidant consumption, helping support your natural defenses against common cold and flu symptoms. Elderberries are naturally high in Vitamin C, the most abundant antioxidant in the body, which may not only help lower your risk for chronic diseases but can be beneficial to those with high blood pressure, as well as help protect against anemia caused by iron deficiency.

    By helping support anti-inflammatory pathways and protecting cells from damage by free radicals, elderberries and other antioxidant-rich plants such as Camellia sinensis have a real potential for supporting your health and wellbeing. Not only elderberries, but multiple studies have repeatedly shown that all berries, as a whole, may have potent heart-protective effects.

    Since elderberries are high in antioxidants, which may decrease symptoms or severity of inflammation from respiratory infections, they can aid your lungs, but do not just depend on them if you suffer from some severe lung problems. Researchers found that elderberries can decrease the length and severity of symptoms related to the common cold and flu, and there is no evidence it will overwhelm your immune system.

    Studies have shown elderberry also helps reduce high cholesterol, protect against UVB radiation, liver problems, kidney problems, help, and more. A. Elderberry helps lower stress and helps in diabetes, heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, and more. 

    Elderberry is essential in the wellness market because its syrup helps treat flu and cold-like symptoms. The high fiber content in elderberries may help relieve constipation, lower excessive gas, and improve gastrointestinal health.

    How to make elderberry tea

    You can make elderberry tea by infusing dried elderberries in hot water. Let it steep for a few minutes, and then drink it. You can also add honey or lemon to the tea flavor and taste. You can also use elderberry tea bags to make the tea quickly.

    You can also make elderberry syrup to get its health benefits. Elderberry can be used to make natural cough syrup and cold-fighting immune-boosting syrups.


    Elderberry is a natural remedy with many health benefits. It offers several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can keep you healthy and protect you from various diseases like flu, colds, allergies, and other infections. Elderberry is rich in Vitamin C and anthocyanin, essential for good health.

    Elderberry can be used to make jams, syrups, juices, and wines. Elderberry extract is also sold as a dietary supplement in capsule form. In short, elderberry is a superb fruit that offers many health benefits.


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